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“When Ocean Annie visited our school we expected wonderful pictures and information about creatures in the oceans -- we got that and much more.  She challenged our students to imagine what they wanted to do in their lives.  Reminding the students that their teachers and their education open the doors for these adventures.  She encouraged students to dream big and keep dreaming.  Not only did this spark the students, but it reached the teachers, staff and parents too. We are all part of the future of our ocean.” - Wendy Kennedy Old Post PTA President

Are you looking to give your students an experience they will never forget?  Can you imagine a classroom with more respect, responsibility and trust in a team environment?  Do you want to encourage the scientific method of inquiry in every aspect of your students’ life? Is it important to have a speaker who emphasizes the power of imagination with a foundation in education, encouraging your students to dream and know they can make their dreams a reality?

From the moment Annie Crawley, also known as Ocean Annie, walks in front of your students, they are transported to another world. Ocean Annie incorporates science, marine biology, geography, animal behavior and environmental education together with empowerment, leadership and character building skills. Intertwined in her presentations are geography, ocean facts and ways you can make an immediate difference to our environment all while using Ocean metaphors to teach life’s lessons. A natural born educator and dynamic speaker, Ocean Annie entertains, educates and inspires students. Annie takes you around the world from Papua New Guinea to Galapagos, Indonesia to Belize, California to Costa Rica with video, images and incredible stories, intertwined with empowerment and leadership lessons while giving factual information about the ocean. Annie presents to all audiences from K-8, 9-12, College/University levels as well as to groups, organizations and corporations. Annie Crawley is great for teacher professional development programs too! Find out about our most recent campaign here.

Youth Speaker and University Speaker Annie Crawley
Ocean Annie takes students on a virtual scuba dive, teaching them a different breathing technique, which they immediately use in the presentation and continue in their classrooms to help them stay focused. With a regulator or snorkel in their mouth, they learn they cannot speak and they have to use hand signals for cooperation with their buddy and to communicate with one another! Scuba Instructor and Boat Captain Annie Crawley teaches a golden rule in life: Stop, Think, Breathe Slowly, and then Act.

“The ocean is responsible for nearly 70% of the oxygen we breathe,” Ocean Annie shares. She realizes youth are our future, “I entertain and educate students, teachers and parents about the ocean. I want students to fall in love with all the creatures of the ocean because we protect what we love. The award winning Dive Into Your Imagination series and the Words for Life collection motivate and inspire. The next generation has an innate passion for nature and our Ocean." -Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie

Underwater Filmmaker Annie Crawley Scuba Diving and Underwater Video Equipment

Having worked in production and with scientists for nearly two decades, Ocean Annie instills the scientific method of inquiry throughout her presentation. “The reason I can share with you the behaviors of the animals is because I studied them both through books and scientific papers, but also because I have spent more than 8 hours a day breathing underwater observing the creatures. Observation together with education allows us to hypothesize and prove our thoughts. I document my experiences with my camera.” -Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie

Empowerment and Leadership Skills are added into every program. Master storyteller and youth leadership and empowerment expert, Annie Crawley will incorporate empowering messages into every ocean presentation while teaching respect, responsibility, imagination, education, patience, trust, teamwork, leadership, hygiene, exploration and gratitude. If you are interested in only character building presentations without Ocean Education, this can be arranged too.

“I have used students’ notes and reflections from Annie's amazing presentation to start a motivational bulletin board so her inspiring words will continue to resonate and empower our students.” – Cathy Wrenn Carl Schurz High School, AVID Coordinator

For The Ocean & You presentations, choose from one of the pre-designed animal presentations highlighted below or design your own. Annie Crawley continues to film and add to her library for her presentations, so the lists continue to grow and develop. She adds in environmental issues specific to your area and includes recent news topics. Some schools bring Ocean Annie back every year, as she creates new programs and materials. You can let her decide on a presentation for your school after your initial conversation and questionnaire, or if you want to choose environments, animals and destinations based on your group, curriculum, and focus, she can work out a program specifically designed for you. Following are destinations, environments and animals.

These programs can be given to individual classrooms or large groups of several hundred students. 

Annie Crawley also speaks to parent teacher associations (PTA), parent teacher organizations (PTO), home and school associations, parent nights, math and science nights, green nights or teacher development trainings.

The programs are designed to fit into any schedule, available in the following formats:

45 minute to 1-Hour Program

3-Hour Program

Full Day

Three-Day Workshop

PADI Discover Scuba Diving One Day Program

PADI Scuba Certification Five, Six or Seven Day Program by Destination

By purchasing the Dive Into Your Imagination Ocean books and DVDS prior to Annie’s visit, you can introduce your students to some of the animals they will see. Annie narrates the DVDS, so they will hear her voice and know her before coming. Annie Crawley teaches, “the more you learn, the more you want to learn.” When students can self-study by checking out materials from the library, or if a teacher uses them in their classroom, their level of scientific inquiry increases during the presentations.

Dive Into Your Imagination has content available for all ages. The award winning Dive Into Your Imagination DVD series and Ocean Life A to Z book and DVD is appropriate for K-4th grade; special need students, autistic and educationally challenged students benefit from all of the materials too. The award winning videos in the programs, together with the music and script captures their attention. What Makes A Fish, Who Lives in the SeaDive Into Diversity and contain audio tracks in English, Spanish or music only. You can download the piano music and lyrics for The Ocean Song in our resource area. For grades K-5 Ocean Annie opens the presentation with The Ocean SongThe Adventures of Ocean Annie books will be released in January 2011 together with teacher lesson plans for Pre-K through third grade.  Two more DVDS have been added to the collection, Dive Into Coral Reefs with Ocean Annie and Dive Into California with Ocean Annie.

“Students ask me where I come from, as others shout, The Sea! Yes, I tell them, I'm a mermaid, who wants to be a mermaid with me?" – Ocean Annie

Visions of the Sea DVD can be appreciated by all ages, with an emphasis on 5th grade through College Students and adults. In an audio track you can turn on from the main menu, Annie encourages and inspires people to live their dreams, using her life as an example. If you do not turn on the audio track, you will be transported to the underwater world with classical music from an award winning composer, Craig Dobbin. On Visions of the Sea, Annie Crawley shares information about the animals you are watching while sharing the story of how she was able to live an unbound thinker’s life.

"I was born and raised in the city of Chicago. I never dreamed I would be an underwater photographer, filmmaker, author and ocean explorer traveling around the world. I want kids and young adults today to know there are NO limits to their imagination and through hard work, education and goal setting their dreams are possible.”- Annie Crawley

If your school has an author week, math and science night, film night, green night or other event that combines art with science, or our environment, Annie Crawley is the perfect choice for your school or organization.  Annie can also include environmental segments into each of her presentations, such as the Scripps Institution of Oceanography expedition she documented for Project Kaisei to The North Pacific Gyre, more commonly known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Check out her Let's Talk Trash speaking topic.

A natural born educator and dynamic speaker, Ocean Annie entertains, educates and inspires you. The Dive Into Your Imagination products are produced using real footage from around the world. You can play these at home, in the classroom as teaching tools, or at group functions to engage children of all ages. Annie takes you around the world from Papua New Guinea to Galapagos, Indonesia to Belize, California to Costa Rica with video, images and incredible stories, intertwined with empowerment and leadership lessons while giving factual information about the ocean. Please enquire about fundraising, corporate and personal gift giving. You can bring Ocean Annie and Dive Into Your Imagination to your group and literally change the lives of your audience. As a photographer, writer and video expert both above and underwater, you may consider one of her topics on multi-media for a future presentation.



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