Love Yourself First



Annie Crawley is a professional speaker who lives the message, "Love Yourself First!"

Are you satisfied with your relationships? How often do you treat yourself like you are your own best friend?  Is it your desire to live in a loving relationship for the rest of your life? What if I told you this is not only possible, but this workshop will change your life and allow you to call healthy love into your life everyday!

If we are lucky, from the moment we are born our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, say to us, I love YOU. The love that we hear comes from outside of ourselves. We are raised learning and searching for love from outside. I love YOU. More than 40% of children are born to single mothers and more than 50% of marriages end in divorce in this world we live in. We have to rethink our ideas of love. So many of us confuse a physical relationship for a loving relationship because of bad programming.

This program is great for high school, University students and people who are ready to make a change in the relationship they have with themselves.  It is a great addition to empowerment programs.

After this workshop, you will understand the concept of being able to love yourself first! Most of us look forward to the time we will share the rest of our lives with someone else, yet we first have to find this within ourselves! After all, you will be with yourself forever, so why not learn how to accept, love, cherish and honor yourself?  This deep love for yourself will affect every aspect of your life.

You will discover new skills including:

  • How to begin the process of loving yourself first
  • Practice thought replacement exercises to build your personal power and self esteem
  • Explore Healthy Verse Unhealthy Relationships in your past (and present)
  • Set Healthy Boundaries for family, friends, co-workers and yourself
  • Discover ways to treat yourself as your own best friend
Annie Speaks at the University of North Carolina

Annie Speaks at the University of North Carolina

This workshop gives you the ability to begin to love yourself first. You cannot love another until you find this inside. Annie Crawley will walk you through an exercise in which you write your engagement speech to yourself, then plan your own special day in which you marry yourself first! This ceremony will change your life because you control every single aspect of it for nobody else but you! You will learn the value of becoming your own best friend.

Perfect for either single people, or those in relationships who want to discover ways in which to find a deeper love between themselves and their partners, Love Yourself First reaches out to people from many different backgrounds.

I had to re-frame love in my life. For nearly 20 years I was on a spiritual journey to discover myself and healthy love. I even produced a movie with my friends, Matchmaking, The Business of Selling Love. We interviewed Love experts from around the world. I discovered through many experiences that the first step in love is to love ourselves first. I am committed to helping others find deep meaning in their lives and to love themselves. I live with a free mind, happiness, and ecstasy every day. I give everything to this workshop because I believe our how we feel inside reflects who we are.” – Annie Crawley

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