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Annie Crawley is a professional keynote speaker. She founded to change the way a new generation views the Ocean and themselves.

Annie Crawley Helps You Create Your Greatest Life!

What do you do when nobody else is watching? Have you ever woken up and felt like there was something else you desired or that your life was not your own? Can you do more than what you are doing today?  People with vision prosper. Whatever goal you have, you first must believe it is possible, you must learn how to embrace yourself and believe. Sometimes we get stuck in a life that does not feel like our own and need to find a way to break free of our minds in order grow into our greatness.  Let Annie Crawley empower you to Create Your Greatest Life!

Annie Crawley empowers her audience to embrace their lives. Most people live their lives “having” to do things, yet in truth, we need to replace ‘have to’ with ‘choose to’ and suddenly we experience a new freedom. The choices we make define our character and we get to invent who we are by the choices we make. Every day we are given a series of choices but most people have a hard time recognizing these choices because they feel stuck. Life presents us with different paths and it is up to us to prepare ourselves for our choices. Annie introduces us to Unbound Thinking, which allows us not to be bound by what is, but imagining what could be while learning to explore and discover daily opportunities.

We need to learn and discover how to think beyond what we can see. People are going to tell you 'no' in life, yet we have to learn how to deal with rejection and not take no for an answer. Through experience, discovery can become a habit and by using our imagination and dreams, we can create our own reality. Your life is your story and your story is your life, and you get to create who you are. There is no movie you are born into, you get to design your destiny. Many people dwell in the past, wishing it to be different and daydream about the future and what they hope to happen instead of taking the steps right now in order to live life into their future.

Annie Crawley will encourage you to go beyond what you are capable of if you believe in yourself. She will empower you to take calculated risks and challenge yourself. There is much to be said about the power of positive thinking. You must do things today that others will not do in order to have the things tomorrow that others will not have because, in the words of Socrates, you have made discipline a part of your life. Have a goal that stretches you. There is an old African saying, ‘If there is no enemy inside, the enemy outside can do you no harm.’ Sometimes you need one person to believe in you until you can believe in yourself. If you feed your faith, doubts will starve themselves.

Here is a link to a podcast from a speech Annie Crawley gave to journalism students at the University of North Carolina.

Annie Crawley will entertain and educate you, giving you tools to reinvent yourself. She will challenge you, “Look at your goals and see what kind of person you must become to achieve your goals? You don’t get out of life what you want, you get out of life what you are. Who are you? In order to get what you want you need to transform who you are. Never stop growing. Rid yourself of fear for you will not get out of this life alive.”

Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Passion are the four P’s that have guided her in life.  Annie Crawley will stretch you.  In her mentor, Les Brown's words, “What is your reputation? You will be successful because of your reputation. What do you do when no one else is watching? If you are casual about your dreams, you will be a casualty.”

Annie Crawley knows you have something special in you and helps draw it out of everyone in the audience because she believes you can do whatever you imagine. Annie believes in continuing to prepare yourself for the life you imagine because opportunity will knock, “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity that you do not have than having an opportunity you are not prepared for!” You cannot control the exterior circumstances in your life, you can only control what is happening within you.

Every moment of every day, you have the ability to create your life. What you choose to do builds your character. Do not let your circumstances determine your destiny. All of your dreams can come true. Build your character and you will build your life. Annie Crawley shows you how to commit to your life and live with integrity as you learn how to Create Your Greatest Life!

This can be given in a one-hour presentation or in a longer format including half day, full day or three-day workshops. Annie Crawley uses real life examples and experiences empowering and encouraging others to create their greatest life.

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