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Ocean Keynote Speaker, Education and Topics & Workshops by Annie Crawley

"Annie adds new meaning to the word passion. Her energy is infectious. A natural born entertainer and educator, she is one of the most dynamic speakers, a simply must have at your next event!" -Dr. Julie Van Putten, Public Health Care and Communications Strategist

Each of the following topics can be given as a keynote presentation, conference track or in a workshop format from half day to multiple days including two, three and week long sessions.

Our Ocean & You
Create Your Greatest Life
Love Yourself First
Let’s Talk Trash:  Pollution, Environment, Education.  The Garbage Patch and What Can We Do About It
The Camera Coach: Photo, Video & Editing Presentation or Workshop
Discover Scuba Diving

Ocean Keynote Speaker Annie Crawley - Ocean Educator - Topics & WorkshopsEmpowering her audiences to live out of their vision of themselves rather than their history, Annie Crawley promotes conscious leadership. Utilizing her techniques, she helps you understand how to create a more fulfilling life and career by helping you change your mindset and examine how you think.  Uniquely qualified to speak about obtaining success by taking risks, living your dreams and creating your greatest life, Annie Crawley was born to inspire. Drawing upon the past two decades of experience as an underwater expert, world traveler and entrepreneur, she uses Ocean metaphors, video and photography in her presentations. Annie Crawley, reaches thousands of people every year as a renowned inspirational and motivational speaker.

Speaker Annie Crawley teaches you to dive deeply into possibilities, breathe differently, face your fears, set goals, anchor your life, adapt to changes and focus on what is important today in order to reach your full potential. Annie Crawley gives you the power to believe in yourself as you dive into your greatness.  What are you waiting for, Dive Into Your Imagination and hire inspirational speaker Annie Crawley today!