Ocean Annie Sample Speaker Introduction

Ocean Annie Sample Speaker Introduction

Here is an example of a past introduction, we can tweak this based on your audience or you can create your own.

PDF Sample Speaker Introduction Annie Crawley

Today you will meet Ocean Annie, an explorer, scuba diving instructor, underwater photographer, filmmaker, writer and author.  Trained as a journalist, Ocean Annie spent her life exploring our world both above and below the sea.  She scuba dives around the world with sharks and dolphins in coral reefs and kelp forests.  She goes on scientific expeditions including a trip to The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, 1,000 miles off the west coast in the North Pacific Gyre documenting and studying marine debris and pollution in our Ocean.

Ocean Annie shares with you principles she lives by including respect, taking responsibility for yourself, and character development while encouraging you to use your imagination and dream!

As a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and an SSI 5,000 Platinum Pro, Ocean Annie spent 8 hours a day underwater for many years, observing animals and documenting their behaviors.  She became a boat captain and lived around the world from Indonesia to Galapagos, Belize to Papua New Guinea!  As an underwater photographer and filmmaker she captured all of the photos and video you are about to see!  You are going to be amazed as Ocean Annie shares her experiences with us.

Ocean Annie published Ocean Life A to Z Book and DVD with Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing and created an award winning series of DVDS, books and lesson plans produced by her company, www.DiveIntoYourImagination.com.  She received four grants from the Save Our Seas Foundation and wants you to become an Imagination Explorer and Ocean Protector.  She believes our environment is a reflection of who we are.

Ocean Annie will inspire and encourage you to use your imagination as she takes you on a journey.  Are you ready to explore?  Then put your hands together and help me welcome Ocean Annie!

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