AV Requirements & Organizational Tips

AV Requirements & Successful Organizational Tips

Annie Crawley is committed to bringing you the best presentation possible.  She understands the investment of time and resources.  In order to create the best atmosphere for your event, please read through our AV Requirements along with a few tips we have learned through experience. Annie Crawley has nearly twenty years of production experience and these suggestions will help create the best experience for your group.  Often, a slight adjustment in sound, stage or lighting can have a dramatic affect on the program.  If you have any questions please contact our office at (805) 453-1947

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AV Requirements

•    For large groups, Annie requires a microphone.  Wireless is preferable, but any type of microphone will work.  When possible, Annie walks through the audience so she likes to be free to leave the stage or front of the room with a wireless microphone.  In this way, she can have a physical presence with the back of the room.  It is beneficial if you have a back-up microphone or second microphone to pass around to the audience when there is a question and answer period, or just in case something is wrong with the main microphone.  Please have extra batteries if you have a wireless microphone system. We suggest you have someone available for a sound check and throughout the presentation.  For smaller settings, a microphone may not be required.

•    Annie uses Apple Keynote and other multi-media for her presentations. This enhances each program when you have a room available capable of multi-media presentations because she displays images, words and streaming video.  This requires an LCD Projector and cable to connect to her Macintosh laptop.  She carries a converter for her model of laptop; Annie just needs the standard cable hook-up to a PC.  The images will be shown at a resolution of 1024x768 and the projector should be able to show 500 lumens or more.  If you have questions about this, please contact the office.   Also, please provide the appropriate stand or table for her laptop and other materials complete with a power supply.  A large screen allows the maximum benefit for every audience.

•    If you prefer Annie’s presentation to be controlled from back-stage, she carries a wireless mouse and can access her computer remotely.  She would need a monitor to see what is being projected on the screen if she will be separated from the computer.

•    Please provide Annie with a glass of water, no ice.  Annie prefers filtered water from tap water whenever possible.  This may sound like a strange request, but she traveled to the North Pacific Gyre on an expedition looking at The Great Pacific Garbage Patch with Project Kaisei.  Annie firmly believes in reducing the amount of waste we create, especially single use plastic bottles.  She often carries a re-usable water bottle that can be filled.

•    We encourage all corporations, groups and schools to consider reducing the amount of single use products they consume and to recycle.  If you are providing lunch or dinner, please provide a gluten-free meal as Annie follows a gluten-free diet.  Our office can help you with this if you have any questions.

•    Annie will sometimes bring a small camera crew with her to record her presentations.  If this is arranged with you, the crew will need a small amount of space to set up, access to power and sound system if they are setting up for audio recordings.  She also may require releases to be signed if anyone is filmed, or we may need to separate people who cannot be filmed.  We are very accommodating. If this applies to your group, we can discuss prior to the event.

Recording Devices

If you’re interested in taping Annie’s presentation, please review our recording agreement. If you do not have a copy please call and request one (805) 453-1947 or email the office.  Audio and/or video taping is available with prior written authorization, so if you are interested in recording the presentation, please contact us ahead of time so we can discuss what the use will be.

If you are interested in hiring Annie’s production crew to film the audio or video of the program, please contact her office to discuss fees.

Tips & Suggestions

•    You can help your organization or school prepare by visiting www.DiveIntoYourImagination.com and exploring this all age friendly website.  By purchasing the Dive Into Your Imagination Ocean books and DVDS prior to Annie’s visit, you can introduce your members, teachers or students to some of the animals they will see.  Annie narrates the DVDS, so they will hear her voice and know her before coming.

•    Theater, auditorium or gymnasium seating is preferred for larger groups.  It is important that all seats have good visibility of the stage in order for the audience to receive the most benefit.  Please have your stage and screen positioned in the front center of the room. This allows maximum visibility and intimacy.

•    Please request from the venue (if it is not your own) that the meeting room have no distracting noise from a nearby room or outside.  Also, request the room have a controllable air conditioning or heating system.  It is important to have as little interruption as possible.  Please instruct banquet staff to wait until after the presentation to resume their work.

•    Please make sure the room is well lit so that everyone can view Annie and so that Annie can see the faces of her audience.  If possible, dimmers or someone controlling the lights is ideal because then the lights can be dimmed and controlled during the video parts of the presentation.  If you do not have controllable lights, it is OK, we will just work it out on the day of program.  These are guidelines to help in all preparations!

•    For groups of students, please make sure teachers instruct students on etiquette during a presentation before they arrive in the assembly room.  Once they are part of the audience, Annie Crawley or Ocean Annie has different techniques she uses to maintain control!  Many teachers and parents are then able to use them in their day-to-day lives!

•    If you have special announcements, you can share them with Annie prior to her presentation and she can often weave the announcements into her presentation before she builds up to the close.
•    If you have any further questions, please contact our office to discuss.  We prepare these documents to make it easy on you, not challenging!  On behalf of Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie, we look forward to making this the BEST event your organization has ever experienced.

Special Information For Schools, Teachers, Staff Development

Annie Crawley teaches the more you learn, the more you want to learn.  When students can self-study by checking out materials from the library, or if a teacher uses them in their classroom, their level of scientific inquiry increases during the presentations. The Dive Into Your Imagination DVD series and Ocean Life A to Z book and DVD is appropriate for K-5th grade depending on curriculum.  Special need students, autistic, English as a Second Language and educationally challenged students benefit from the materials at any age.  The award winning video in the programs, together with the music and script captures and holds students attention.  What Makes A Fish, Who Lives in the Sea and Dive Into Diversity contain audio tracks in English, Spanish or music only.  The DVD, Visions of the Sea, is appropriate for 5th grade through adults.  There is a classical music only audio track that many teachers use to settle students down in class.
You can download the piano music and lyrics for The Ocean Song in the resource area.  For grades K-5 Ocean Annie opens the presentation with The Ocean Song.  When students have been exposed to the song prior to Ocean Annie’s visit, they love to sing-a-long to this catchy tune!  The Dive Into Your Imagination series includes books, dvds, teacher lesson plans, inspirational posters, greeting cards, plus so much more.  If you are interested in bulk group orders for your event, please contact our office to learn more!

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