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Meeting Planner Resources

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Uniquely Qualified Speaker Annie Crawley WOWS Every Audience!  Here you will find all the resources you need to help make the process as easy as possible and find out about what you should look for when you hire a motivational speaker.

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire Motivational Speaker Annie Crawley

1. Dynamic - Multi-Faceted Speaker Annie Crawley uses stories that are engaging, funny, encouraging, thoughtful, and inspiring, always keeping the audience in mind, she draws them into the topics and connects directly with the audience.

2. Enthusiasm & Passion - Motivational Speaker Annie Crawley’s enthusiasm is contagious! She is the best of the best because of the spirit she brings to each presentation. She believes we all need to have something bigger than ourselves, to believe in, to Annie she found the Ocean. Utilizing Ocean metaphors to show the cycles in our lives, how to face our fears and use our imagination to dream, she guides you to discover your passion. Annie is a role model as she shares, “In order to truly be successful in life, we must live with Passion!”

3. Empowering - Inspirational Speaker Annie Crawley helps you gain strength and courage to achieve your goals while teaching you to create your life through the choices you make. Annie explains, “We don’t have to do anything, we choose our lives. The choices we make define our character.” Annie believes we need to take full responsibility for our actions and when we do, our lives open up in a way we never dreamed possible.

4. Courage - Annie Crawley is incredibly special and has lived a courageous life, never letting obstacles get in her way. She is a true role model and inspiration as she faces life head on. Despite hardships Annie faced during childhood, she has become a successful motivational and inspirational speaker, producer, photographer, dive instructor, writer, author and underwater explorer. Yes, Annie believes you can do it all! She guides you to have the courage to face your fears and achieve your dreams and goals.

5. Entertaining - With stories, photos and videos from around the world, the action never ends. Because of her travels, Explorer Annie Crawley has stories and life experiences to suit any audience and keep them wanting more. Arriving early, she likes to meet and talk with people in the audience to tailor every presentation to the individuals in the audience of each particular group. Although you choose a speaking topic, no two presentations are ever the same because every audience is different.

6. Adventurous - Travel the world with Annie Crawley and let her experiences of taking calculated risks motivate you to apply her actions to your life. Step into life with a new sense of adventure as you learn ways to expand your thinking. You may not leave your community, but you will be encouraged to think differently and realize everything you do is a choice! You might even find yourself doing something you always dreamed you wanted to do, or you might just walk away with your imagination back in place! Being adventurous is not about traveling to far away destinations. Being adventurous can be as simple as changing the way you think about your own life on a personal and professional level!

7. Imagination - Imagination is vital to success and happiness. With your imagination all things are possible. Imagination Expert Annie Crawley teaches you to believe in yourself and kick-start your imagination. Your imagination is the foundation for dreams, desire and passion.

8. Behavior Change – As a Scuba Diving Instructor, Annie Crawley teaches her audiences how to breathe differently which immediately changes the outcome of any situation. Annie Crawley relates this and other lessons learned from scuba diving to real life. Every audience makes immediate changes in their behavior, which directly impacts every aspect of their lives.

9. Environmental and Educational - Learn about the ocean and visit another world beneath the sea! Find out how animals adapt, how the ocean gives us life, and how we in turn we affect it. Every breath you take is like breathing 70% Ocean because the phytoplankton of the Ocean is responsible for 70% of the oxygen our planet needs. Annie Crawley’s adventures will have you yearning for more!

10. Success - Annie Crawley is your key to success because she helps you focus. Many times we find ourselves stuck in our past or dreaming too much about our future instead of celebrating today and the journey we have everyday. We have to learn to redefine success and bring gratitude back into our lives on a daily basis.

Following is a recent video created after a series of presentations from the Ocean and You Speaking Topics.  More videos are available.  Contact Annie to learn more.