Interview and FAQs to hire Annie Crawley, a Professional Keynote Speaker, Environmental Speaker, Ocean Educator, Youth Speaker, University Speaker, Empowering and Inspirational Speaker

Youth Speaker - Environmental Speaker - Ocean Educator - Keynote Speaker - Underwater Photographer Annie Crawley

How long have you been speaking?

I believe I was born wanting a microphone in my hand because I always had something to say, but with so many chiefs in my family, I learned when to talk and when to listen! A great speaker is also a great listener. Trained as a journalist, I spent many years behind a camera observing and watching, looking at life through a lens and capturing it in a different way. As a photographer we are trained to paint a picture with light, as a speaker we are taught that our stories delivered in a powerful way will breathe light into another. For the past two decades every position I worked involved public speaking, storytelling, entertainment and education. When I worked for the Field Museum in Chicago, I was the training coordinator for both the public service and management teams, responsible for creating an entire program implemented during a two year period. In the production and scuba diving industry I presented for nearly the past two decades. During 2007 I transitioned to professional speaking. I was invited by Les Brown to join his elite group, the Les Brown Platinum Speakers. Les Brown, Dr. Julie Van Putten, Larry Diangi and Dr. Anthony Sweeting coach and mentor me. I continue to study the craft of speaking, delivering messages with the audience in mind. I work hard to develop and personalize each program for your organizations needs. They say “never let what you want to tell someone get in the way of the message they need to hear!”

How did you get to be an expert on living your dreams and obtaining career goals?

When I left home after college, I had a backpack of clothes and a camera with film ready to advance my career as a photo-journalist. When I learned to scuba dive and sail, I added a career in scuba diving and Ocean exploration to my resume. I never wanted to look back at life and say, “what if I only…” Growing up in Chicago, I was raised with faith, courage and enthusiasm as part of my foundation. I also learned during my first days traveling that you could do anything you wanted to do, you just needed direction. What we think matters, what we say matters and what we do matters. When you come into alignment with your thoughts, words and actions, you begin to create your life. I learned to dream, set goals and began the journey to a destination, and now I realize the journey is more important than the destination.  I grew up in the middle of America, never experiencing the ocean until after college.  I become an inspiration to all of my audiences that they too can live into their dreams. We never know how one decision we make can change our lives. I could have walked past the sign that said “learn to scuba dive,” but something inside of me said, try it. Just do it…now.

Why are you qualified as an ocean expert?

For the past twenty years I traveled and worked as a photo/video journalist, writer, PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and USCG Boat Captain. For more than a decade I spent 8 hours a day underwater filming and at times just observing animal behavior. As a field biologist, I work and help on many scientific expeditions and am always researching the latest findings. We have a team of research interns and have studied the latest environmental issues. Ocean Acidification, the affects on our coasts because of development, coral bleaching, the impacts of overfishing, shark finning, along with the issues of marine debris, pollution, the gulf crisis and plastic in our Ocean.  I weave a few of these topics into my Ocean programs and others when appropriate.

What differentiates you from other speakers in your field?

Some presenters have a speech that they practice, perfect and then present. I have outlines of life’s lessons, then I talk with the organizer and find out what message they need or want delivered. Because I have so many experiences to choose from, I read my audiences and respond in real time with stories and messages to impact their lives.

Because I specialize in the Ocean, entertainment, education and have studied under Les Brown, Dr. Julie Van Putten and a variety of other teachers, I have learned how to craft stories for my audience. I combine many of my presentations with photography and video experiences, utilizing multi-media when possible. Audiences come on a journey with me to discover the magnificence within themselves and our environment. I use ocean metaphors to relate to real life experiences.

What exactly does your topic cover and what can we expect?

Please see the speaking topics page and choose which presentation you would like for your organization or school. Each one can be tailored to your specific group. I can also work with the organizer on preparing a presentation specifically for an audience. As a founding board member for the Santa Barbara Women in Communications Organization, I have prepared talks for women groups, entrepreneurs and empowerment leadership and training. As a producer, filmmaker and writer, I am also an expert in storytelling and visual storytelling. I consult on how to use video and social media for your business.  For schools, Universities or Staff Development Training, I can combine presentations.

What groups do you speak to?

All topics can be tailored to fit any group or organization. An interview with the organizer before speaking to your corporation, group or school is imperative to create the most successful experience for your audience. Annie’s clients include corporations, non-profit, trade shows, conferences, associations and schools from Kindergarten through College as well as Staff Development Training too.

What kind of results can we expect (for corporations, organization and college students)?

  • Take control of your own destiny and create the life you desire to live.
  • Learn different breathing techniques to help you apply to your life immediately
  • Recognize physiological changes that affect our minds
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Inspire others to go beyond what they believe is possible in their lives.  If you want to increase sales, have better communication, self-confidence and self-esteem, or team building
  • Understand steps to creating a more fulfilling personal and professional life.
  • Greater communication skills
  • Change the way one views themselves
  • Treat obstacles as opportunities
  • Gain respect for our environment and put value on having a healthy environment both at home and at work
  • Earn financial benefits from more inspired workers with more respect for themselves and better problem solving skills.
  • Adapt to a constantly changing world in order to save time and money
  • Increase sales, have better communication, self-confidence and self-esteem, and team building.
  • Learn to protect our planet for the future generations and become environmentally conscious.
  • Entertainment and education about the Ocean and real issues facing it and how you can make a difference.

What kind of results can we expect (for students or children)?

  • Respect for self, teachers and other students
  • Education and Imagination are the foundation of life
  • Dreams are achieved by setting goals and hard work
  • More control in your classroom by using proven techniques to help students focus
  • Breathing and behavior techniques learned from virtual scuba dives
  • Students will be excited to learn
  • Education in science including the scientific method of inquiry
  • Entertainment and education about the Ocean and real issues facing it and how everyone can make a difference with simple, applicable practices
  • Excitement about nature
  • Increased self esteem
  • Greater desire to learn
  • Increase communication skills
  • The importance of friendships, sharing and teamwork
  • Gain respect for our environment and place value on reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Learning the principal that everything we do on land affects the ocean

How do you break down your school presentations?

When speaking to schools we like to break the audience academically:

  • K-2 grade
  • 3-5 grade
  • 6-8 grade
  • High school (Can do honors and AP classes. The materials can be broken down by grade or by academic level if focusing on the science.)
  • College and University

When can we expect results from your content or training?

My goal as a successful speaker is to have immediate lasting results. In order for this to happen, before speaking to your group, you fill out a questionnaire and/or we have a phone or skype conversation to find out what your group, organization or school expectations and needs are. Do you desire empowerment and leadership skills, character building or behavior issues addressed, would you like sales increased or costs cut? The variety of programs offered can be crafted to meet your needs.

Who are some of your past clients?

Columbia College
The Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago Public School System
University of North Carolina
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara City College
The Field Museum
The Breckenridge Institute
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium
Underwater Sports
Indonesia Tourism Association
The Ocean Channel
Environmental Protection Agency
Project Kaisei
National Geographic
Our World Underwater
Alexander Bell School
Henry Puffin School
Fox Chase School
Hunt Club Bi-Lingual Elementary School
Tate Woods Elementary
Brookwood Elementary
Glenwood Elementary School and Academy
Brokaw Early Learning School
WEBB School
Florida State Teacher Conference
Parent Teacher Associations
Chicago Public School Coaching Group
Peter Hughes Diving and Aggressor Fleets
Truth Aquatics
The Villages
For a complete list, you can contact our office.

Can I contact some of the other organizations that have hired you in the past?

Yes, please call our office at 805-453-1947 so we can discuss which program you are interested in and we will put you in touch with past clients appropriate to your topic of choice.

Which of your presentation topics will be the most appropriate for our organization?

All of my presentations can be tailored to your specific age group and situation. Please review speaking topics and we can discuss what you would like for your audience.

How much do you charge for one hour, half day and full day programs?

Please contact our office to discuss your budget and program.

We don’t have that much in our budget.  Will you be able to negotiate your fees?

Please call us to discuss your needs, 805-453-1947.  Before discussing budget, we need to understand what your needs are.

What is the payment protocol?

When booking Annie Crawley to speak, you will receive a contract.  When signing, 50% is requested to confirm the date and 50% due the week of the program.

Can we make payments, rather than one deposit and then balance before you speak?

Yes, when necessary, we can arrange a payment plan. Please call us to discuss your group’s needs.

We don’t like for speakers to sell their products after they speak because it becomes a pitch fest. Can you guarantee that you will not exceed 60 seconds in talking about your products if we let you bring them?

Yes. During the booking process we find out the parameters of sales and how we can promote materials.

What type of venue do you require?

We have no venue requirements. If you choose a multi-media presentation, discussing lighting and audio/visual requirements is necessary.

What accommodations do you need in order to do your presentation?

When giving a multi-media presentation, Annie Crawley needs a projection screen, projector, speakers, wireless microphone, and sometimes space to set up camera equipment. We can travel with our own system if necessary, yet when traveling prefer to use the venues lighting, audio and visual equipment for program. Please see our AV Requirements.

What is the best way to contact you?

I answer all my emails sent to Annie (at) AnnieCrawley dot com

Or you can call me directly at 805-453-1947

How should schools prepare for your presentation?

You can help your school prepare by exploring my work. Consider purchasing the Dive Into Your Imagination Ocean books, eBooks, posters, and DVDS prior to Annie’s visit. Annie Crawley believes the more you learn, the more you want to learn. When students can self-study by checking out materials from the library, or if a teacher uses them in their classroom, their level of scientific inquiry increases during the presentations. We created an entire educator series for teachers and parents.

Special need students, autistic, ESL, and educationally challenged students benefit from the materials. The award winning video in the programs, together with the music and script captures their attention. What Makes A Fish, Who Lives in the Sea and Dive Into Diversity contain audio tracks in English, Spanish or music only. You can download the piano music and lyrics for The Ocean Song in our resource area. For grades K-5 Ocean Annie opens the presentation with The Ocean Song. When students have been exposed to it, they love to sing-a-long to this catchy tune!