Your Guide to Creating Underwater Video


Award winning photographer and filmmaker Annie Crawley becomes your camera coach as she demonstrates and teaches you the necessary techniques needed to produce great video above and below the surface on Your Guide to Creating Underwater Video. You will learn shooting, lighting and editing techniques.


The Camera Coach®, Your Guide to Creating Underwater Video DVD and streaming video. Filmmaker and scuba instructor, Annie Crawley, draws upon her experience to coach you through the necessary techniques needed to produce great video above and below the surface. Master editor, Jeff Morse, gives you the fundamentals of editing your images. Together, they teach you shooting and editing go hand in hand. Annie Crawley traveled the world as an underwater photographer, dive instructor, and boat captain for more than 15 years before creating this visual teaching tool. Use this as a tool before you purchase your underwater camera system. If you already own a system The Camera Coach® teaches advanced film-making techniques including lighting, modeling, and composition.

Language:  English
RT: 84 minutes UPC: 837101433907

“I would highly recommend the underwater video camera coach DVD to anyone starting in video. Annie is a natural born teacher and reveals all she has learned!” -Tom Campbell, High Definition cinematographer.

“In a simple and entertaining way, you demonstrated and shared the bedrock formulas used by world class video specialists, and then translated these principles into an everyday structure that video enthusiasts can use to obtain very pleasing, immediate and successful results.” – Wayne Wulf, 34+ years of SCUBA experience.

“Regardless of your level, there’s something in this DVD you would not have considered previously.  For me, the section on lighting techniques was worth the purchase alone.  They cover the basics, yet what is critical to The Camera Coach is Annie’s focus on finding your own voice through shooting.  I can’t recommend a single underwater video product higher.  If you’ve decided to invest in a camera and housing, invest in this DVD.  You’ll be glad you did!”

This program demonstrates and shows you the skills you need to tell and great stores. Leave your books behind! The Camera Coach® Your Guide to Creating Underwater Video is a must have for anyone wanting to learn about productions!

Annie Crawley is the CEO and founder of Dive Into Your Imagination. As an award-winning producer, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and inspirational speaker she continues to travel around the world documenting the underwater world. Annie runs Beach Camp at Sunset Bay and founded Scuba Diving Camp to teach kids and parents how to scuba dive. Annie is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and an Oris Sea Hero. For more information on events, speaking engagements, distribution or to learn more about the Dive Into Your Imagination series contact us today!


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