Who Lives in the Sea


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Who Lives in the Sea ocean movie from the award-winning Dive Into Your Imagination series created by Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie, entertains and educates children about the amazing natural world in the ocean. This ocean entertaining and educational program is available as a DVD or streaming video. It includes kids favorite ocean animals: dolphins, whale sharks and octopus to name a few. You receive special bonus materials FREE including “The Ocean ABC’s,” “How to Get Your Kids to LOVE the water,” and FREE downloadable Educator Guides for PreK-K and 1st-3rd Grades!


Who Lives In the Sea DVD and streaming ocean video teaches children and their parents about all kinds of animals living in the ocean. Why do dolphins move so fast? What kind of noise does a sea lion make? Did you know turtles walked with the dinosaurs? Meet whale sharks, octopus and blue-footed booby birds! After your kids watch this program, they will want to swim like a dolphin and laugh at the nudi, nudi, nudibranchs! An upbeat, original score brings these animals to life like the first DVD in this series, “What Makes A Fish, A Fish?” and “Dive Into Diversity!”

Language English & Spanish
RT: 44 minutes UPC: 837101323284
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best DVD Award
Endorsed by Kids First!®
iparenting.com Greatest Product Award
Teachers’ Choice Awards

This DVD includes our downloadable Who Lives in the Sea PDF Educator Guides for PreK-K and 1st-3rd grade and other FREE bonus materials valued at more than $100. Perfect for classroom teachers, home schooling parents, scuba divers, after school activities, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and organizations wanting to share the ocean with our youth.

“The ‘Dive Into Your Imagination’ series is outstanding, a ‘must have’ for any home or school!  My kids loved the section on dolphins, sea lions and the ABC’s!” – Nickie Dubbs, K-3 Reading Specialist and Mom of three.

“When I put your DVD’s on at our house, my children and their friends love to see the beautiful imagery and playfulness of the ocean. They don’t even realize that it is an educational tool because they have fun learning about the various animals in our seas. – Kim Rizzo, Super Mom of three.

“I just wanted to tell you that we love your DVD! My son watches it over and over and over and has learned a ton. We are trying to teach our children to have a special reverence, love and interest in nature, and this DVD helps us to show him things we may never see in person!” – Hollis Blume

“Ocean animals are better than cartoons!  By entertaining and educating the next generation about our Ocean, they grow up loving it and wanting to protect it!” Annie Crawley is the CEO and founder of Dive Into Your Imagination. The company produces ocean educational books, eBooks, programs, teacher lesson plans, educator guides, plus so much more. As an award-winning producer, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and inspirational speaker she continues to travel around the world documenting the underwater world. Annie runs Beach Camp at Sunset Bay and founded Scuba Diving Camp to teach kids and parents how to scuba dive. Annie is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and an Oris Sea Hero. For more information on events, speaking engagements, distribution or to learn more about the Dive Into Your Imagination series contact us today!


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