What Makes A Fish, A Fish


What Makes A Fish, A Fish DVD from the award-winning Dive Into Your Imagination series created by Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie, entertains and educates children about the amazing natural world in the ocean. Also available in a downloadable streaming version. This ocean educational DVD includes hundreds of fish including kids favorite ocean animals: clownfish, sharks and seahorses. There are special bonus materials including The Ocean Song and FREE downloadable Educator Guides for PreK-K and 1st-3rd Grades!


What Makes A Fish, A Fish DVD and streaming ocean video teaches children about astounding fish from around the world including clownfish, seahorses, frogfish, sharks and more. How do fish take a bath? Learn the truth about sharks. Play hide and seek on the reef. The underwater realm provides boundless opportunities for parents to learn and laugh with their children. An upbeat original score by Craig Dobbins celebrates the ocean and brings it to life. Great as an entertaining teaching tool for the classroom or as a program to entertain your kids at home as they will want to watch it over and over again. This is the first DVD in the Dive Into Your Imagination series, the other DVDS include, “Who Lives in the Sea?” and “Dive Diversity!”

Language English & Spanish
RT: 37 minutes UPC: 837101297196

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best DVD Award
Endorsed by Kids First!®
iparenting.com Greatest Product Award
Teachers’ Choice Awards

This DVD includes our downloadable What Makes A Fish, A Fish PDF Educator Guides for PreK-K and 1st-3rd grade and other FREE bonus materials valued at more than $100 included on the DVD. Perfect for classroom teachers, home schooling parents, scuba divers, after school activities, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and organizations wanting to share the ocean with our youth.

“I was introduced to this DVD in my role as an educator.  When I brought it home, my son was enthralled by the cover and immediately wanted to watch it.  My child was hypnotized by the underwater world coming alive through Annie’s program.  He began repeating words.  This is a phenomenal gift to me as a Mom and an educator.” Michele Hoffman-Trotter, School of the Art Institute and Columbia College

“Since the release of finding Nemo, the children really like to see the real fish that were in the movie. The fish that are cartoons in that movie are the real things in yours! Seeing these fish really do exist was fun and educational for the children!” – iParenting Reviewer Greatest Products

“My 8 year old loves to watch this and I do too, we can’t believe how cool all the fishes are in the sea!  Now we talk about the ocean and sharks all the time! ” – Sue Piozet Mom and Graphic Designer

Annie Crawley is the CEO and founder of Dive Into Your Imagination, a company changing the way a new generation views the Ocean and themselves.  She has an award winning series of books, eBooks, dvds, teacher lesson plans and educator guides.  She produced Ocean Life A to Z book and dvd, in association with Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing. It has sold more than 150,000 copies. Contact us for more information on events, speaking engagements, or to learn more about the Dive Into Your Imagination series.

Annie Crawley traveled the world as an underwater photographer, dive instructor, and boat captain for more than 15 years. Annie wants children and their parents to fall in love with all the animals of the sea, because we protect what we love. “I want kids to dive into their imaginations and explore the ocean with me.  Our lives begin in our imagination, through hard work and education we learn how to make our dreams a reality!” Annie wants children and their parents to fall in love with all the animals of the sea, because we protect what we love. Teacher Lesson Plans fro Pre K through third grade are available, along with more books, eBooks, streaming video, and DVDS.

Annie runs Beach Camp at Sunset Bay and founded Scuba Diving Camp to teach kids and parents how to scuba dive in Edmonds, WA. Annie is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and nominated as an Oris Sea Hero. For more information on events, distribution, or to learn more about the Dive Into Your Imagination series contact us today!


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