Suggested Media Questions

Annie Crawley Suggested Media Questions

Below are suggested media questions for an empowerment interview.  Annie is available for interviews on many subjects from ocean life, environmental issues as well as self-empowerment and motivation. She can provide photography and video to accompany an interview or article.

  1. What was the hardest obstacle to overcome in your life?
  2. Tell us about a time of struggle (in college, after college, during your childhood, in whatever context you would like) where you thought you might lose your way and how you overcame the challenge.
  3. You believe taking responsibility for yourself was one of the greatest lessons you learned.  Why do you feel this way and how does this affect others? Name a time when you realized you were not taking responsibility for yourself and how you grew from this.
  4. What event was the most important in shaping who you are today?
  5. You overcame so many obstacles in your life, as we all do.  Did you ever feel like giving up?  How did you overcome this?
  6. How did someone born in Chicago find this passion and love for the ocean?
  7. What is your biggest inspiration to keep pursuing your dreams when things go wrong in your business? Or personal life?
  8. What is your advice to someone who has lost their way in their path to their dreams?
  9. What about someone who does not like who they are and what they are doing, how do you help them get unstuck?
  10. How have you managed to juggle everything you do?  Did you ever become overwhelmed?
  11. What was the most exciting point in your life?
  12. What does it mean to anchor your life?
  13. What advice do you have for someone that is living in regret of their past because things didn’t happen as they visualized?  Is there a time this happened to you?
  14. How did you always remain so courageous when it seemed like the world was against you? Through all of your struggles?
  15. How do you handle situations when people criticize your ideals and dreams?
  16. How did your imagination help you achieve your goals?
  17. How is the environment a reflection of ourselves?
  18. How does the ocean affect us all? How has it changed you?
  19. What is a time that you were told no? How did you deal with this? How do you suggest others respond to “no”?
  20. Have you ever been afraid of your own success? How did you deal with this in order to obtain the success you have?

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    what made you become a scuba diver

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