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Dive Into Your Imagination changes the way a new generation views the ocean and themselves. Founded by Annie Crawley, Dive Into Your Imagination is a multi-media company specializing in the development of educational and entertaining programs focused on our Ocean and youth empowerment. Dive Into Your Imagination is also a production company which has developed an award winning series of books, interactive electronic books, DVDS, lesson plans, cartoon characters and a line of inspirational greeting cards, fine art prints, and posters. Dive Into Your Imagination is committed to Ocean education, empowerment and leadership development, you can visit the company's website at: www.DiveIntoYourImagination.com

The images in the award winning books and DVDs from the Dive Into Your Imagination® series utilize the photographs and video Annie Crawley created using her journalism, filmmaking, and underwater expertise around the world. Dive Into Your Imagination teaches children, parents and adults that the Ocean is responsible for 70% of the oxygen our planet needs, our water and food. Everything we do on land affects the Ocean. As the heart of our planet, the Ocean faces some incredible challenges right now. Dive Into Your Imagination encourages people to fall in love with our ocean because we protect what we love. This innovative company created a movement of schools and families who are learning about and committed to protecting the Ocean and all sea creatures.



As a website, www.DiveIntoYourImagination.com provides highly acclaimed entertaining ocean content for kids, teens, college students, and adults. From video features highlighting exciting ocean animals to cutting edge scientists and cool kids doing great things for our environment to inspirational photos, there is something for everyone. Dive Into Your Imagination provides an interactive ocean media experience. If you are interested in a strategic partnership, please contact Annie Crawley directly at [Annie (at) DiveIntoYourImagination (dot)com]

Ocean Annie Crawley with Kids at an EventDive Into Your Imagination can provide workshops, programs, or entertaining and educational multi-media presentations for your corporation, organization or school. Imagination expert Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie, is a renowned inspirational speaker. She pulls from entertaining stories and educational messages from the past two decades of her travels including expeditions from The Garbage Patch in the North Pacific Gyre to getting stoned off islands in the middle of the South Pacific. Annie Crawley weaves her vast experiences into encouragement, giving people the ability to realize their potential. She uses ocean metaphors and the principals expressed in Dive Into Your Imagination to inspire listeners to live their dreams and protect our planet.

Dive Into Your Imagination creates and brings together a world community with a passion for the Ocean. Through entertainment, fun, education, and awareness, we all can protect the most important resource on our planet.

"Shop in our store and give the gift of the ocean to all the children in your life. Request them at your local library and make sure the schools in your community have copies! There is something for everyone in the Dive Into Your Imagination ocean store, whether you are a corporation and want to inspire teamwork or a grandparent wanting to share our Ocean with the children in your life. Give the gift of the Ocean, visit our Dive Into Your Imagination® store today!" -Annie Crawley

As a full-service production company, Dive Into Your Imagination can fulfill your organizations multi-media needs through photography, video, editing, producing and writing. Our team is also available for consultation services. Having created programs for businesses and organizations worldwide, we can help you with your next production. Past clients include, NOAA, National Geographic, BBC, Project Kaisei, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Dive Into Your Imagination has the experience to promote your business and raise awareness in a dynamic way that will get your audience on their feet ready for action. Annie Crawley’s footage has been featured in commercials, documentaries and films around the world. As multi-media and social media experts, the team at Dive Into Your Imagination can also develop a turnkey solution for your company.