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Annie Crawley Delivers Impactful Keynote Presentations

Annie Crawley is a unique and inspiring speaker. Hire Annie Crawley for your next event whether it is for a Professional Keynote Address, Leadership Training, Sales or Professional Development, you can count on Annie Crawley to deliver with impact and passion.
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Award Winning Producer, Author, Cinematographer

Annie Crawley founded, Dive Into Your Imagination, after traveling the world as a photographer and cinematographer, specializing in the underwater realm. As a producer and author, she has created an award winning series of books, DVDs and lesson plans using her storytelling abilities and ocean expertise.
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Youth Speaker Annie Crawley Educates and Entertains

Annie Crawley, AKA Ocean Annie, has inspired hundreds of thousands of kids to follow their dreams using their imagination and education. Annie Crawley speaks to large auditoriums or small classrooms including K-12, Colleges and Teacher Conferences.
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