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Swim With Humpback Whales in Tonga

Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga! Join me on the trip of a lifetime as you snorkel and swim with humpback whales! We have two different destinations available, both once in a lifetime experiences. Every summer mother humpback whales travel from the feeding grounds in Antarctica to the warm waters of Tonga to give birth…
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Midriff Islands Scuba Diving Expedition

Join Photographer/Filmmaker Annie Crawley and Scientist Dr. Carlos Armando Sanchez-Ortiz aboard the Quino El Guardian to the Midriff Islands Scuba Diving Expedition. They are joining forces for this very special Citizen Science & Storytelling Midriff Islands Scuba Diving Expedition July 16-23 2017. Download PDF or call Annie at 805-453-1947 The Midriff Islands are home to…
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Fatima Our Ocean & YOU 10:100

Fatima Our Ocean & YOU Fatima Our Ocean & YOU students in Magnolia were eager to learn about the ocean and how to protect it! They discovered the beauty, the pollution, and the myths of the ocean. One big myth Ocean Annie needs to dispel at schools revolves around sharks and people. More people die…
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