St Luke Blue Friday = Breathe Ocean 2:100


St Luke Blue Friday

St Luke welcomed us for Our Ocean & YOU! program. They were our second school in our 100 schools in 100 days campaign. Ocean Annie is pictured above with the 6th graders, she spoke to K-8 at St. Luke.

“I am here from the ocean!” The kids laughed and questioned Ocean Annie as she went on to tell them, “I am a scuba diver and I am able to breathe underwater with my equipment on and camera in hand. I take photos and videos underwater. Who wants to go scuba diving with me?!” Ocean Annie invited all the children at St Luke to use their imaginations and come with her on an adventure to the underwater world, our ocean. The students dived with sharks, dolphins, jellies, and crabs in their imagination along with manta rays, squid, octopus and more thanks to Ocean Annie's immersive multi-media presentations.

St. Luke was ready to discover the ocean thanks to Katie Edwards and their entire crew. This K-8 school celebrates Seahawks Blue Friday yet today it was not only for the Seahawks #GoHawks! yet was for our beautiful blue ocean! "When I say breathe, you say Ocean. Breathe. Ocean. Breathe. Ocean!" Annie chanted with the students!

St Luke Annie Crawley Environmental Speaker"Although people give five names for the five world oceans, we really have only one world ocean. Everything is connected. The animals in the ocean do not know about these ocean boundaries. Our one ocean makes up more than 70% of our planet’s surface; we are Planet Ocean. The ocean is the great regulator of our planet. It's responsible for 50-70% of the oxygen we breathe, feeds the world, and holds 98% of our planet’s water. The ocean is very important in our lives."

Ocean Annie showed the students a picture of the collection net of a manta trawl and asked them what they saw in it. As shouts of possibility came from the audience, one student said plastic. Our ocean is turning into plastic soup. When Annie went to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, aboard the SEAPLEX Expedition with Scripps, scientists discovered plastic in every single tow. One in ten fish had plastic in its stomach. The children were dismayed to learn these facts, see pictures of plastic along the shores, and watch a jelly swim through a sea of plastic. When a picture of a baby doll on a coral reef appeared, all the kids gasped. Plastic lasts 500-1000 years. It doesn’t biodegrade, it photo degrades meaning it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. All plastic ever created is still on our planet in one form or another unless it was burned, but then the smoke goes into our atmosphere.

We need to instill hope and the ability to change. The first step is public awareness. Now that the kids are exposed to this important ocean issue, we can create change. All of the students have been asked to rethink their relationship with plastic, refuse single use plastic (plastic we use once and then through away) and raise their voices sharing what we learned, then we can make a difference in our environment. #RefuseSUP

St Luke students were shocked at the footage of plastic they saw, after seeing how amazing and beautiful our ocean and its creatures. We protect what we love and we need to love our ocean #LoveOurOcean

St Luke Annie Crawley Speaker StudentsAfter the presentations, kids asked Annie a plethora of questions, asked for Annie's autograph, and gave lots of ocean hugs. Joy, a 4th grader, shared that she is going to refuse single use plastic by bringing reusable water bottles for her whole family when they go on car trips. Catherine told us she was going to skip the straw. The incredible students at St Luke left us feeling hopeful for the future. We left them with a set of ocean education books and DVDs for their library so they can continue to learn and grow. The ocean will be in good hands with students like the ones at St. Luke leading the way.

Special thanks to our sponsors Beach Camp at Sunset Bay, Samuelson Communications, Studio Fun International, Millbrook Press, Dive Into Your Imagination, Ocean Annie, Underwater Sports, Boxlight, and Light & Motion.

Opening the door to more ocean education in every school we reach. If you would like to bring Ocean Annie and her team to a school/organization/conference contact us today!

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