Schools Refuse Single Use Plastic Five Simple Ways

Schools Refuse Single Use Plastic

In 4:40 seconds this video created by It's a Plastic World can change your life and the fate of our ocean. #RefuseSUP Stay tuned for our weekly blogs about ways you can rethink plastic, refuse single use plastic, and raise your voice for our ocean.

5 ways schools can refuse single use plastic:

  1. Trash Free Lunch. Challenge yourself to refuse single use plastic in your lunch. Stop using plastic bags, plastic drink bottles, plastic straws. Use reusable containers, drink containers, and lunch boxes. Buy in bulk and refuse single use packaging in your lunch.
  2. Carry a set of silverware in your backpack. Use your own silverware instead of plastic. Even Eco-friendly silverware still creates waste. Remember we are rethinking our throw away society.
  3. Stop chewing gum. Gum contains synthetic polymers and butadiene-based synthetic rubber. YUCK! Just think about it, when you chew gum, you are chewing a substance derived from petroleum aka oil aka plastic.
  4. Stop buying/selling single use plastic water bottles or single use plastic drink bottles whether it is from vending machines or as a fundraiser for your school. Think of alternative pro-environmental and ocean solutions. Raise money for your school to purchase a water filling station for reusable bottles.
  5. Raise your voice and share with your friends why you are rethinking your relationship with plastic and refusing single use plastic. Use #RefuseSUP when you help our environment and our ocean by the choices you make!

Start paying attention. Take a look at all the different ways you use plastic in your life. You will be surprised how frequently it is used, but you will also be surprised to see how you can make simple changes in order to avoid it. Nobody is perfect, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid plastic, so do not get discouraged. Because we can not avoid it completely, we need to rethink, refuse and raise our voices together. We need students, teachers, and schools refuse single use plastic.

Recycling is still important, but on 6-8% of what can be recycled, actually gets recycled. Something needs to change.

Schools Refuse Single Use Plastic #RefuseSUP Recycle Compost Trash Garbage Annie Crawley

The only way we can change corporations and our governments is through public awareness. Your voice matters, so spread the word. When you #RefuseSUP tell someone why you are doing it, so they can join the movement too. Come up with more ways you and your school refuse single use plastic in your life and tell us using #RefuseSUP!

Our Ocean & YOU campaign continues to touch the hearts and minds of youth in the Pacific Northwest Greater Seattle Area. Our Ocean is vital to life on our planet. It provides us with oxygen, food, water, transportation, recreation, and so much more. We feel better when we are near water! #LoveOurOcean A healthy ocean, means health for our planet. People are polluting our Ocean with plastic. Plastic lasts 500-1000 years, meaning all plastic ever created lives on our planet, in some form or another. Last week, we shared 5 ways to rethink your relationship with plastic, refuse single use plastic, and raise your voice #RefuseSUP. By making small changes in your life, you can help make a difference for the entire planet.

If you would like Annie to speak at your organization or school, contact us today!

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