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Riverview Elementary School Annie Crawley Principal Tammy Jones

Riverview Elementary School

Riverview Elementary School is the best school in the universe! Click for article from the Herald Net. The students, teachers, faculty, and even the building were green...yet we breathed our blue ocean message into their hearts and minds. We spoke with the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades classes, and thanks to Mrs. Cross and principal, Tammy Jones, for hosting us. We will be heading back to bring the ocean to the kindergarten through third grade classes in the near future!

Riverview Elementary School Environmental Speaker Annie CrawleyMany of the students prepared by reading PlasticAhoy! prior to the assembly and were excited to learn more about the ocean. When the students saw the beauty of the ocean, but discovered the destruction from people using single use plastic, they committed to refusing single use plastic. #RefuseSUP Sarah shared that she was going to use large reusable water jugs at home with her family. Kaitlin and Paige told us they were going to use reusable water bottles instead of single use plastic bottles. Grace decided she is going to skip the straw and commit to refusing single use plastic in one way every day! If every student we reach during this campaign tells their family and they all commit to skipping the straw for the next year, we could save at least 36.5 million straws from entering our environment. We can make a difference together!

After the presentation we delivered a full set of products to the library. Riverview Elementary School library received a copy of the entire set of our products including PlasticAhoy!, Ocean Life A-Z, What Makes A Fish A Fish, Who Lives in the Sea, Dive Into California, Dive Into Diversity, Sharks and Rays, Explore Coral Reefs, and Visions of The Sea. Mrs. Jones and a group of students toured us around their school building, “The best school in the universe!” Riverview Elementary School is a green building, complete with solar panels, geothermal heating, and even bathroom stalls made from recycled plastic milk cartons. We can't wait to see you again soon Riverview Elementary!

Special thanks to our sponsors Beach Camp at Sunset Bay, Samuelson Communications, Studio Fun International, Millbrook Press, Dive Into Your Imagination, Ocean Annie, Underwater Sports, Boxlight, and Light & Motion.

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