5 Ways to Rethink Your Relationship with Plastic

Every breath you take connects you to the ocean. Rethink your relationship with plastic, it's polluting our ocean.Today I will be appearing on New Day Northwest King 5 with the amazing Margaret Larson The show aired at 11:00am on KING 5 (NBC affiliate) and 2:00pm - show re-airs on our sister station KONG. We will be discussing Our Ocean & YOU campaign, interconnections we have with our ocean, and ways we can all kick off 2016 with a commitment to rethink your relationship with plastic. We want everyone to stop using single use plastic when possible and share with their friends about this important ocean issue.

5 Ways to Rethink, Refuse, and Raise Your Voice
about Single Use Plastic Daily
1. Stop using single use plastic bottles. Use water filters, tap water, reusable drink containers.
2. Skip the straw. An estimated 500 million straws are used in the United States every single day.
3. Use reusable storage containers for food and leftovers. Only 6-8% of what can be recycled is actually recycled. Avoid those single use plastic bags!
4. Buy in bulk to reduce single use packaging.
5. Share with your friends and family. Plastic lasts 500-1000 years. Every piece ever created is still on our planet today! Let your friends know what you are doing and why so they can join the movement.

Create your own ways to rethink your relationship with plastic and reduce single use plastic in your home or at school and share by using #RefuseSUP

Why? It's really simple. Life on our planet exists because of our ocean. A healthy ocean means health for us all. Every breath we take connects us to the sea. When you breathe in, you are breathing ocean. Our ocean is becoming plastic soup. We all need to rethink our relationship with plastic.

Plastic has become a norm of society today. Plastic is in our clothing, household items, and food packaging. All plastic ever created is still on our planet today. We have created more plastic in the first decade of this century than our entire history. There are more than 5 trillion tons of plastic floating in the ocean and millions more enter the ocean every year. It is accumulating along our coastlines and entering into our food web. Our ocean has become plastic soup. Our ocean is vital to life on our planet. The United States Government just banned microbeads because these little bits of plastic are now in our Great Lakes and flowing into our ocean. This is a great step in the right direction, yet we also need the US to ban single use plastic bags and water bottles. Plastic is flowing into our ocean because of people and only people can change this by becoming the voice for our ocean.

The ocean provides us with oxygen, food, and water. Literally every breath we take connects us to the sea. By 2025 there could be one pound of plastic for every three pounds of fish. This miracle product may seem unavoidable, yet we can create meaningful change around single use plastic and rethink our relationship with plastic. We can stop using and refuse single use plastic #RefuseSUP We can raise our voices together about our ocean. By making small adjustments in our lives while sharing and encouraging our friends and family to do the same, we can create a positive change in our environment and our ocean.

Take a personal pledge and rethink your relationship with plastic. Write down and share with your friends and family how you are going to refuse single use plastic! Let's get this conversation going. Let us know what you are doing by using #RefuseSUP

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