Redwood Environmental Education Fair Speaker

Today I am heading to Eureka, California for a whirlwind of a speaking tour to a few schools and to take part in the Redwood Environmental Education Fair. The Redwood Environmental Education Fair (REEF) is a two-day Fair that has been an annual event for the last 27 years.  The 2014 Fair will be held June 5th and 6th on the College of the Redwoods (CR) campus.  The Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) and a committee of local teachers developed REEF to honor the importance our environment and provide students a chance to see hundreds of people sharing in a common goal of environmental preservation and stewardship. Teachers bring their classes  (approximately 2,000 students, 70 teachers, and 225 parents) to participate in one of the two days seeing three different 55-minute workshops that encompass a large spectrum of environmental topics.

The Redwood Environmental Education Fair's goal is to provide interactive learning experiences on a wide variety of environmental topics with a focus on the redwood environment for third through eighth grade students in Humboldt County. Teachers select one of the two days to attend and choose 3 classes for the day.  The presenters at REEF are from local schools, colleges, State and National Parks, National Weather Service, AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards, Bureau of Land Management, Friends of the Arcata Marsh, California Department of Fish and Game, Humboldt County Cattlewomen, and Humboldt State University, and the Natural History Museum. Annie Crawley, founder of Dive Into Your Imagination and Camp Director of Beach Camp is going to bring the ocean to our students this year! She will share her expertise on environmental issues with our future decision-makers.  Students will learn of career opportunities and positive environmental role models during their presentations.

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