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Picnic Point Elementary Annie Crawley Ocean Environment Speaker Seattle

Picnic Point Elementary

"Picnic Point Elementary who is going to be the change?!"

"MEE!" The students shouted with enthusiasm.

This is the kind of energy we need when it comes to protecting our ocean. The children at Picnic Point Elementary made us proud. This miracle substance plastic might be convenient, but it is polluting the heart of our planet, our ocean. Plastic comes from people! People need to be the solution! The students of Picnic Point Elementary are going to be part of the change.

Neighbors of the Our Ocean & YOU sponsor, Beach Camp at Sunset Bay, Picnic Point Elemetary was both close to home and to our hearts. They were enthusiastic to learn and were ready to commit to refuse single use plastic and share with their parents #RefuseSUP

There are many myths and monsters of the sea. Are sharks monsters? Are mermaids real? Are jellies as big as people? The media falsely portrays sharks as monsters. Shark attacks, Shark Week, and Jaws are the kinds of screen time sharks receive. In reality, the large majority of sharks are not harmful to humans humans are harmful to sharks and are fishing out millions every year. Sharks are at the top of the food web and are necessary for the balance of the ecosystem.

Documentaries may trick you to believe mermaids are real. You cannot believe everything you see on TV or view on the Internet. Just like if you saw a photo of a giant jelly next to a man. "Jelly Eats Man." This may look like a real photo, but actually it was shot with a wide angle lens and is a pushed perspective. The jelly is next to the lens and the man is a few feet away from the lens. Don't believe everything you see and back it up with three sources.

As we were on our way out the doors, students pulled us to their lunch tables. As we were talking with the students, one girl reached in her lunch box and pulled out a plastic baggie with grapes in it.

"A plastic bag!" Ally proclaimed, "My grandma packed me this bag but I am going to ask her to put it in a reusable container like this one." She showed us her thermos with noodles in it.

Switching from a lunch filled with plastic bags to a lunch with reusable containers is easy! We want all schools to go for trash free lunches. Not only is refusing single use plastic healthy for our ocean, it saves money in the long run.

Commit to doing one thing today! Choose how you are going to refuse single use plastic #RefuseSUP and encourage your friends and family to do the same. To learn more about the ocean and plastic pollution, check out these products.

Support Our Ocean & YOU by voting for the campaign as the KIND Causes grant recipient. With just a click you can help us reach 100 schools to spread messages from the ocean to 50K students.

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