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Annie Crawley with CameraWe add images on a regular basis so bookmark the site, make comments and share your thoughts.  If you are interested in using images for media or commercial use, please contact me directly at annie at anniecrawley dot com.  You can also check out some of my fine art prints and limited edition posters, greeting cards and more photographic products in our shop.  More than one million viewers have enjoyed our YouTube Channel and of course in our shop we have streaming videos as well as DVDs with bonus features available for purchase. If you are interested in how I began my career in photography, underwater video, and more read on.

Steve Bardo Playing for the Fighting Illini Photo By Annie Crawley

Fighting Illini Steve Bardo Annie Crawley Photo

For the past two decades, I traveled the world with a camera in my hand, documenting life both above and below the water.  Trained as a photo and broadcast journalist at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, I have my roots in sports photography.  I believe mentors are important in all of our lives, Professor Brian Johnson was my first.  He found me a manual Olympus film camera and lens to shoot with before I could afford my own camera.  I still remember the first day of my advanced class when my classmates showed up with high end Nikon and Cannon systems and I did not even have a camera, Brian could read my mind.  Brian asked me to stay after class.  "Annie, don't drop this class.  I will find you a camera.  You need to be in this class."  That was it.  Brian was not a man of many words, but that was all I needed to hear.  It is amazing how one moment in time can change our entire lives.  I did not drop that class, I allowed myself to believe Brian and still find myself most at home behind the lens.

New Zealand Rodeo Photo Annie Crawley

New Zealand Rodeo Photo Annie Crawley

Addicted to sports photography, when I ended up in New Zealand photographing the summer circuit of the New Zealand Rodeo, I felt right at home even though I was from Chicago and had never lived on a farm. Ten years after my first photo journalism class, my life changed again.  I learned to scuba dive, became a PADI scuba diving instructor so I could travel the world.  At the time, we were still shooting film and cameras were very expensive.  I sold my car and bought my first underwater photo and video housings so I could become an underwater photographer and filmmaker. Sometimes you need one other person to believe in you until you can believe in yourself.  I had many photography instructors from Tom Campbell, Ernie Brooks and Ralph Clevenger all encouraging me to work in the underwater photography field. If you would have told me at 20 years old that I would go on to become an award winning underwater photographer and filmmaker, I do not think I would have believed you.  I am proof that no dream can be too great. Most people do not fail in life, they succeed. It is just that their dreams were not big enough. We have greatness within us, all we have to do is tap into the unlimited potential that lies inside of us.

The company I founded,, produces multi-media products to change the way a new generation views the Ocean and themselves.  Being able to express my thoughts and ideas through photography, writing, and producing have been some of the greatest gifts my teachers and mentors have given to me.  All of the work in the Dive Into Your Imagination series was sparked because someone saw a talent in me that I did not see in myself. I remember these moments in time and challenge you to think about what you will do with your one moment in time. I also make sure to pass it forward. I enjoy mentoring youth. When I see a talent in someone else that they might not see in themselves, I'm the first to let them know. Since I first left home, I have developed many skills. One I learned while studying different philosophies. Philip Moffit wrote the book, Dancing With Life, based on the teachings of The Four Noble Truths.  I learned in order to truly see myself for myself that I could not look at life through my eyes. I had to learn to be the paparazzi of my life, looking at life from above and around me.

Everyone has a story to tell. I tell my stories through writing, photography, producing and speaking. We should never let our stories get in the way of what the audience wants to hear. I would love to hear from you.  Share your comments with me on these posts, and if something moves you, share a link with your friends and family through social media.  If you are looking for a dynamic speaker for an upcoming event or for someone to lead an interesting workshop, give me a call.  I look forward to speaking with you.

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