Our Ocean and YOU Campaign

Our Ocean & YOU Campaign inspires students at Greenwood Elementary to be the voice for our ocean.

Thank you so much for spreading the word about our ocean! So far, the Our Ocean and YOU Campaign reached 19,297 students, parents, and educators from more than 73 schools/organizations in the Greater Seattle Area. We are continuing the campaign to raise awareness about plastic pollution, marine debris, and the interconnection people have with the sea.

Our ocean is full of plastic pollution. Greenwood Elementary created an ocean mural about what is in our ocean. Hannah explains to Ocean Annie.At Greenwood Elementary, librarian extraordinaire Ruthanne Rankin and her Green Team had students decorate a beautiful sea mural in the library. Once it was complete, the teachers then plasticized the ocean with single use plastic to illustrate what is happening in our world ocean. "The first step we wanted to do with our students was raise awareness about just how much plastic is in their/our lives." said Ms. Rankin Greenwood Elementary encourages students, teachers, and families to be the voice for our ocean while raising awareness about the flow of pollution.

We want everyone to help reverse the flow of ocean pollution. By embracing the 30 Day Challenge to Refuse Single Use Plastic, you will be amazed at the changes you can make in your daily life. We are continuing the Our Ocean & YOU campaign into the 2016/2017 school year. Please share with a school/organization near you. We want to share your stories about what you learned. Ocean Education Reverse the Flow of Pollution More Plastic than Fish in Ocean by 2050 Copyright Annie CrawleyMany schools have been active with beach clean-ups or raising money for turtles, sharks and other ocean animals. Students have created science projects and underwater robotic missions to clean up plastic, oil, and other ocean pollution. Schools have switched from plastic to metal cutlery, encouraged trash free lunches, and brought the messages they learned in the presentations back to the classroom through cross-curricular learning.

Ocean Annie and her team worked with schools in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. After the presentations, the 2nd and 6th graders went to one of the pristine beaches in their neighborhood. What they found was an entire beach covered in microplastics. They could not believe how much of this tiny plastic covered the beaches. They vowed to continue the fight to raise awareness about plastic pollution and how important our ocean is in our lives.

During the coming months, Ocean Annie will be traveling to China, Mexico, Colombia, Tonga, the Maldives, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our vision connects students worldwide, raising awareness about our ocean through storytelling. Public awareness is the first step to create corporate and political change. Please send us your stories and let Ocean Annie know what you are working on!

Below you can see Ocean Annie in action as she teaches kids how to do a shark clap in support of Give 'Em The Fin campaign. Ocean Annie encourages students to imagine they are scuba divers exploring the world and believes in the power of inspiration to create a future vision that we live at one with our environment. If you want her to visit a school near you, find out more here!

Special thanks to all of our sponsors: Samuelson Communications, Studio Fun International, Millbrook Press, Dive Into Your Imagination, Ocean Annie, Underwater Sports, Boxlight, and Light & Motion Thank you for giving the gift of the ocean to the next generation! When you reach a child, you change history!Annie Crawley presents Our Ocean and You to Greenwood Elementary

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