Love Our Ocean #LoveOurOcean

Love Our Ocean #LoveOurOcean

I love our Ocean. My love affair began with the Ocean on December 9th, 1991, the first time I slipped into her wearing scuba equipment. This love will last forever. Scuba diving and experiencing life beneath the surface changed my life. The Ocean tantalizes every one of my senses, enveloping me, caressing my soul. I feel like I have a blue heart and an ocean soul.  This year is our 25th anniversary together and I am going to do everything in my power to share her essence as I know her.

We need to create a paradigm shift in how we are talking about what is happening on our planet. The Ocean is our planet’s life support system therefore the Ocean is people’s life support system. Do we harm our parents, or our families? No, we do everything in our power to protect those we love. Why are we not as a society raising our voices together, in unison to protect our Mother Ocean? Yes, I am anthropomorphizing the Ocean. We need to Love Our Ocean #loveourocean because we protect what we love.

Because of the Ocean, I live a life I never knew existed. The Ocean helped me fall in love with nature, life, and ultimately myself. I have realized that although I want to help the Ocean thrive again, we have to help heal ourselves. Our environment is simply a reflection of who we are as a society. Our world Ocean is in trouble. I hear the words “climate change” and think “people change.” I hear “ocean pollution” and think, “people pollution.” Environmental issues are people issues. We remove ourselves from the equation by not including ourselves. It is so easy for us not to take responsibility for our actions when we exclude ourselves in the mix or push it off to others. Over-fishing should be rephrased as people over-fishing because it is people taking too many fish from the sea at rates that cannot be reproduced. Shark-finning needs to be people cutting fins off of sharks and putting sharks back in the ocean to suffocate so that other people on our planet can eat soup from the fins. People kill millions of sharks every year. People are currently hunting tuna and other animals to extinction. I hear the words dying coral reefs and think we, the human race, are killing coral reefs around the world. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch does not even sound like it comes from people and yet it people have created an ocean of plastic soup.

People are the problem to our environment and people need to be the solution. We need to get ourselves back into the equation by taking responsibility for our actions and ourselves. Our one world Ocean is divided into regions by names that people give it, yet the world Ocean does not know the boundaries that people place upon her. Our Ocean has no voice; we need to be the voice for our Ocean.

I was born and raised in Chicago, yet it is the taste and feel of salt that feels like home. Every breath we take, we breathe ocean.

Annie Crawley Underwater SelfieLet’s work together in order to create a society that understands the interconnections we have to the sea and one in which all of us will stand together and love our ocean. Please help spread the message and share the ways you love our ocean. Use the tag #loveourocean and let’s start a movement that can change people’s perception of the most important living life source on our planet. Sharks, turtles, dolphins, whales, and all the creatures in the sea have no voice, we need to be their voice and that of Mother Ocean.

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