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Fatima Our Ocean & YOU

Fatima Our Ocean & YOU students in Magnolia were eager to learn about the ocean and how to protect it! They discovered the beauty, the pollution, and the myths of the ocean. One big myth Ocean Annie needs to dispel at schools revolves around sharks and people.

More people die from selfie accidents than shark attacks.

That's right. Out of nearly 500 different species of sharks, only a handful of them are potentially dangerous to humans. Sharks are not the viscous monsters that we have them made out to be in our minds. In 2015 there were 6 deaths from sharks, yet people killed more than 100 million sharks. Although Ocean Annie talks about sharks in her presentations, she shares the real monster in the ocean is plastic created by people and that only people can be the solution.

One little girl asked, "If plastic is in the ocean and people are creating it, why don't we keep it on land?" The average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day and one ton a year. Times that by the approximate 7 billion people on our planet, that is 30.1 billion pounds of trash every day and 7 billion tons of trash a year. These numbers are unfathomable. Trash can either be put in a land fill or burned. If it is burned, it releases harmful chemicals and carcinogenics into the atmosphere. When trash is in a landfill, it is left there forever. Some trash slowly decomposes, though there is little oxygen for it to do so, and some gets carried away through runoff. It is said that the rivers and lakes are the arteries of our planet, and the ocean is our heart. When trash is swept into currents from rainfall and moisture, it slowly makes its way into our ocean. Most people are not purposefully putting trash into the ocean, yet it ends up there. When you throw something away, where is away? Consider how much waste you produce and where it might end up.

IMG_5442"Can you tell me how I can keep our ocean clean?" an eager student asked after seeing all the incredible creatures living just below the surface. There is so much YOU can do to keep our ocean clean. Click here to find out! It is not too late to stop the flow of pollution into our ocean. People are capable of amazing things and together we are going to solve this problem of ocean plastic pollution because there is nothing more important than life on our planet. No issue, no problem, no current event would mean anything if our planet ocean did not provide us with life. We need a healthy ocean for people to be healthy.

So, what can you do immediately in your life? You can skip a straw, stop using single use drink bottles, stop using plastic bags and share what you are doing with your friends. It's that easy. By raising awareness and sharing with your friends, we can start raising awareness about our global ocean pollution problem. Ask your favorite restaurant to stop serving straws and tell them why. If you buy fast food, plan ahead, how can you stop using single use plastic. If you use plastic straws at home, invest in reusable compost friendly bamboo straws.

500 million straw are used every day in the United States. If every student at Fatima and every person we reach during the Our Ocean & YOU campaign commits to skipping a straw for a year and has their family do the same, we would prevent 73 million straws from entering our environment and ocean. Imagine if we could raise our voices so everyone could receive the message of no more straws!

There are countless myths about our ocean and her creatures. Every breath we take connects us to the ocean, it holds our water, and feeds our world. The ocean is the great regulator of our planet. We hope by sharing the beauty and the importance with students at Fatima they will love our ocean because we protect what we love. Our ocean needs our voices now more than ever.

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