Zoo Scientists to the Rescue Blog Tour and Book Launch

Zoo Scientists to the Rescue has been in the works for more than two years and I'm proud to announce it's launch! Once again I teamed up with award winning author Patricia Newman and editor Carol Hinz from Millbrook Press a division of Lerner Publishing Group for another project focusing on three amazing zoo scientists. Zoo Scientists to the Rescue focuses on zoo scientists working to help endangered species around the world. Zoo Scientists to the Rescue sheds light on the plight of orangutans, black-footed ferrets and black rhinos.

This was an incredible project for me personally because I grew up in Chicago exploring the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Field Museum of Natural History, and the Shedd Aquarium. To be able to return to film behind the scenes and feature Dr. Rachel Santymire's work studying black rhinoceros at Lincoln Park Zoo and in the wild to help the species survive makes my heart sing. I will be sharing these experiences in the coming weeks, but I just wanted to get the news out today about the release of our new book, Scientists to the Rescue, and the blog tour from other bloggers that LOVE science books for children and teens.

Please help us share the Zoo Scientists to the Rescue book and blog tour with your friends and family! Zoo Scientists to the Rescue is full of inspiration on how you can be involved in the solution to the many problems endangered wildlife face. We would love to get this book into the hands of as many kids and schools as possible but need your help! If you order from my website, I will personalize Zoo Scientists to the Rescue and share a free gift with every order!

Here are some links to explore from Zoo Scientists to the Rescue Blog Tour:

Anastasia Suen interviewed Patti and I about Zoo Scientists to the Rescue. She is an incredible author and developer with more than 275 titles to her credit. We shared the back story on how Zoo Scientists to the Rescue came to print! Please read and share! Anastasia Suen's Blog on #Kidlit Book of the Day You may also be interested in her Nonfiction Monday blog

Laurie Ann Thompson inspires and empowers young readers. She's the mastermind behind BE A CHANGEMAKER: HOW TO START SOMETHING THAT MATTERS. It's an empowering how-to guide for teens who want to effect social change in their communities and around the world. Equal parts instruction and inspiration, the book includes tools and tips, exercises, and profiles of young social entrepreneurs who’ve already made their marks on the world. Read her review of Zoo Scientists to the Rescue here. She also interviewed us about the making of Zoo Scientists to the Rescue! Please read and share!

Brenda Kahn reviews and rambles about children's and young adult literature. She claims to be an absentminded middle school librarian who keeps her blog to remember what she has read and to celebrate the wonderful world of children's and young adult literature. You can read her review of Zoo Scientists to the Rescue here at ProseandKahn

Books for the Curious Child blogger Susan Robert's only posts books she gives five hearts. Zoo Scientists to the Rescue made her cut. Read her post here.

We would love to share with you more of our stories, so please keep checking back or help us spread the word in whatever way you can! I'm available for keynote speeches, workshops and more! If I can't be out shooting images in our world, my next favorite thing is to talk about the experiences while inspiring others!


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