Swim With Humpback Whales in Tonga

Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga!

Join me on the trip of a lifetime as you snorkel and swim with humpback whales! We have two different destinations available, both once in a lifetime experiences. Every summer mother humpback whales travel from the feeding grounds in Antarctica to the warm waters of Tonga to give birth to their babies. The King of Tonga declared the ocean surrounding this island chain in the South Pacific a whale sanctuary after these amazing animals were almost hunted to extinction. With a maximum of 8 people on a boat, we spend hours on the ocean watching them breach, tail slap, spy hop, and then we slip into the water to swim with humpback whales. When we depart from shore, you never know what to expect as every day is a gift from the ocean.

I'm very excited to welcome you aboard our extraordinary experience to swim with humpback whales in Tonga! Every trip swimming and snorkeling with humpback whales we witness once in a lifetime behaviors! Click on links below to download the brochures on each of these UNIQUE trips.

August 10-20 2018 Ha'apai BOOK NOW Only 3 spaces available

SPECIAL PRICING for Ha'apai $3000 not including airfare & travel

August 22-30 2018 Va'vau SOLD OUT

September 7-18 2019 Va'vau 2 spaces available

Va'vau $5800 per per person based on shared occupancy

September 18-28 2019 Va'vau 2 spaces available

Va'vau $5800 per person based on shared occupancy

Humpback Whale encounters: 7 hrs on our whale encounter vessels, trained whale guides, morning tea refreshments and homemade lunch

Storytelling & Ecology Workshops: Traveling with Annie and her team is always an adventure. After our days on the boats, we will have a variety of programs including photography, video, storytelling and natural history workshops.

What are you waiting for? Book today! Please call, text, email with questions. We have the time of our lives together.

Please remember that it’s impossible to buy things while in Tonga. GoPro batteries, swimsuits, sunglasses...etc, there is not much here to choose from. Please be as redundant as you can with things like batteries, cards for your camera, sunscreen, swim suits etc.

OTHER INFORMATION: Sundays are a day of rest in Tonga and that is why we have 2 days of rest during our visit. We will have plenty of fun as we will be able to snorkel, kayak, SUP,  photo/video workshop, etc…but the boats are not allowed to be operated on Sundays. There are plenty of Churches on Tonga if anyone would like to visit a church, we can arrange!

I have hours of photos/videos to share and am happy to give you and your friends a personal show! I’m just ecstatic that we are going to be able to go swim with humpback whales in Tonga together!

A Mother and Baby Humpback Whale Love by Annie Crawley Underwater Photographer Annie Crawley Swims with Baby Humpback Whale Up Close and Personal swim with humpback whales Baby dances around mama humpback whale Humpback Whale Tail Fluke Swim with Mother and Baby Humpback Whales Mother and Baby Humpback Whale Tonga Annie Crawley Swim with Humpback Whales Humpback Whales heat run Tonga Pectoral fin slaps swim with humpback whales Listening to Hydrophone and whale singing between humpback whale swims

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