30 Day Challenge Refuse Single Use Plastic for 30 Days #RefuseSUP

30 Day Challenge Refuse Single Use Plastic for 30 Days

We have spoken to nearly 10,000 students to date and we are asking all to take the 30 Day Challenge and Refuse Single Use Plastic for 30 Days #RefuseSUP. Watch this video and see why this is so important. Single use plastic is plastic you use once and throw away. In January 2016, a report announced by the year 2050 there will be more plastic by weight in our ocean than fish. Public awareness drives corporate and policy change and we are hoping to raise public awareness with the 30 Day Challenge as you refuse single use plastic for 30 days and share with your friends and family. The ocean is underrepresented in schools, often misrepresented in the media, and many stories told about our life source perpetuate fear. We know more about outer space than we do about our ocean. The Our Ocean & YOU campaign launched in January 2016 to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean in our daily lives and dives below the surface sharing one of the wicked problems facing our ocean, plastic pollution.

Every breath we take connects us to the ocean as the phytoplankton mass living in our world ocean creates more than 50% of the oxygen our planet needs. Our ocean holds 98% of our world’s water. Three billion people rely on the protein from the sea for their survival. The ocean literally gives us oxygen, water, and feeds our world. Without a healthy ocean, life on our planet cannot exist. Without a healthy ocean, we are not healthy. People are polluting our ocean. Plastic is a people problem and only people can be the solution.

The 30 Day Challenge was created to raise awareness about the pervasive problem plastic is to our environment, especially our ocean. We want you to commit to refusing single use plastic for 30 days. I hope you will take the 30 Day Challenge and Refuse Single Use Plastic for 30 Days. In doing so, you will be rethinking plastic in your life. You will become aware of how challenging it is to avoid/stop using/refuse single use plastic. At the same time, we are asking you to share the experience with your friends and family. If we can begin to understand how important our ocean is in our lives, perhaps we will create the change needed to take care of her. Please share, print, download, and encourage your friends and family to #RefuseSUP

If you would like to bring Ocean Annie to your school, group, or organization, we are still booking events. Contact Annie for more information. This campaign will end on June 8, World Ocean Day in Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands. Special thanks to all of our sponsors for helping make this happen. Annie Crawley was in the North Pacific Gyre aboard the SEAPLEX cruise for Project Kaisei. She teamed up with author Patricia Newman and created Plastic Ahoy! Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch published by Millbrook Press. Purchase a copy today and Annie will personalize for you.

30 Day Challenge Refuse Single Use Plastic for 30 Days

30 Day Challenge Refuse Single Use Plastic for 30 Days Calendar

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  1. Your 30 Day Challenge calendar is fabulous! The perfect kickstart for reaching out to our younger schoolmates. We accept your challenge Ocean Annie and look forward to reporting back to you. Thank you for being an adult that is paying attention to our world...your ripple has reached our island shores amping up our passion to be a part of the positive change. Friday Harbor Elementary 6th Graders The "I Can" Generation #StartWith1Thing #RefuseSUP
    • anniec
      Great news! Hoping we turn that ripple into a full on wave!
    • Bravo! The 30 Day Challenge video is powerful! I love that a child is speaking, very engaging, and so beautiful. The images connect with the script and background music beautifully. The "Think Big" ticket! The few fish swimming with mostly plastic filling the screen as the child says how there will soon be more plastic than fish in the ocean if we humans don't become the solution. Excellent work Annie. I can't wait to show the video to my students and then have them present the 30 Day Challenge to the other classrooms. I have now re-planned my schedule with my students tomorrow. We are going to spend our whole day tomorrow planning how we can get Friday Harbor Elementary, as well as the middle school and high school, on board with the challenge. #RefuseSUP is going to become our focus along with our Pollinator and Energy Conservation projects. Your work aligns perfectly with my 6th grade citizen scientists to engage in, to understand, to care about, and reach out beyond their classroom and into their community to impact their world in a sustaining way. #RefuseSUP is now a part of our K-6 STEM curriculum. Ripples to Waves...Thank you Ocean Annie! #RefuseSUP #StartWith1Thing
  2. Dear Ocean Annie, I am so thankful that you and your team came to FHES. I knew somewhere in my mind that something had to be done about plastics. When you came to the school you inspired me. I now know that I want to make a difference in the world. At the assembly I enjoyed watching other kids begin to understand that we need to help our ocean. I have a little brother in kindergarden and he gave a whole speech to my mom about how we needed to use reusable bags when we were in the checkout line in the store. My mom asked where did you learn that and he said that Ocean Annie came to the school and told him about single use plastic. I stood there and smiled. I am so glad that he, and I am sure that all of the other kids at FHES, learned a little something about refusing single use plastics. When I got home I went on your website and watched the video that was on the website. (I can’t remember the name.) You inspire me to refuse straws, plastic bags and other single use plastics. Thank You. Thanks for educating others, empowering us. This is the best way, I feel, to thank you: O: Obviously important C: Colorful E: Exciting A: Amazing N: (Should) Not be polluted Thanks for helping us make a difference. Sincerely, Lucy

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