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Underwater Photographer & Environmental Speaker Annie CrawleyDive in with empowering environmental speaker Annie Crawley and her team as they launch 100 schools 100 days: Our Ocean & You to give the ocean a voice. Every breath we take connects us to the sea. Our Ocean & YOU awes audiences about the interdependence we have with the ocean and empowers you to take action. Life on our planet needs a healthy ocean. The ocean is responsible for more than 50% of the oxygen in every breath we take and contains 97% of our planet’s water. Three billion people rely on the protein from the sea in order to live. We have one ocean and need to work together in order to protect it.

Environmental speaker and underwater photographer Annie shares her amazing images and stories about “myths and monsters” of the sea. The multi-media experiences share both the beauty of our underwater world and the environmental challenges facing our planet from impacts of climate change and marine debris. Annie traveled to the North Pacific Gyre, more commonly known as the Garbage Patch aboard the SEAPLEX expedition. She balances her presentations with both love for our ocean and the truth about the sea of plastic we have created.

100 Schools 100 Days Our Ocean and YOU is launching in King County and Snohomish County of Washington State. If you would like to bring this campaign to your school, please email or call to book. Our most important goal is to raise awareness and encourage  people to be the voice for our ocean.

Empowering Youth Speaker Annie CrawleyJoin the Ocean & YOU Movement Today!

1. Take the pledge to be the voice for our ocean and share your stories as you participate in solving ocean problems. We want you to use the #LoveOurOcean on any photo, video, story you post on social media linking you to the ocean. After all we come from the sea and we are all ocean!

2. Rethink your relationship with plastic. Refuse single-use plastic which is plastic you use once and throw away. Plastic does NOT biodegrade, it photodegrades which means it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and has a shelf life of 500-1000 years. Now that you know this, we hope every time you refuse single use plastic, you will share your story, photos and video with us using the #RefuseSUP Every single piece of plastic that has ever been created is still on our planet today.

3. Donate or Sponsor. Help Annie and her crew visit more schools. The more we raise, the farther we reach. Please consider donating your time, expertise, or cash to help us move this ocean issue forward. Our goal is to reach 50,000 students within King County and Snohomish Counties who will then be encouraged to share with their families and communities.

Children are 40% of our population and 100% of our future. When you reach a child, you change history. Give the gift of the Ocean today! Bring empowering environmental speaker Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie, to your community! If you do not have funding available, we have sponsorship available. If you would like to join our sponsors or donate to this important campaign, we have sponsorship opportunities available. Call us at 805-453-1947 or email Annie@AnnieCrawley.com

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Keynote Speaker Annie Crawley brings the ocean to the Public Works of Western Washington Conference

Empowering Youth Speaker Annie Crawley brings the ocean to schools, groups, organizations

2 Responses

  1. Dear Ocean Annie, Thank you for coming to our school. I had a great time learning about and exploring this amazing island I call home. I didn’t realize how much of our plastic ended up on our beaches. Until this year I didn’t understand how important our environment was to us and how what we do every single day impacted the rest of everyone’s life, so thank you for opening my eyes to that. I am going to take on the 30 Day Challenge in hopes of making a difference and I will spread it around my family and friends because now I understand how important this really is. I had no idea the ocean produced so much of the oxygen that we breathe. Please keep doing what you are doing and making a difference. So here's to the I Can generation! Your friend, Lilah
  2. Dear Ocean Annie, Thank you so much for visiting us! It means a lot for you to come and have us to end your “100 Schools in 100 Days” program. To have all of these children aware of this is really going to make a difference. Also, getting advice from a part-mermaid, part-human is pretty cool if you were to ask me. It was so awesome that you got to come to Jackson’s Beach with us, too. This field trip really impacted the 2nd graders! I also think that your presentation at FHES was very inspiring to the other grades and will make a difference here. I love the work that you do and the people you do it with, it all is truly amazing. This is very impressive how much work you and your crew have done! Thank you for sharing this experience with us! Thank you so, very much. With so much sincerity and thanks, Luke F. :D P.S. For you to come on World Oceans Day was also well planned :)

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