Annie Crawley’s school presentations, educator guides, videos, books and interactive eBooks for the iPad® have an amazing and positive impact on student engagement and learning. Annie’s passion for Ocean Education inspired thousands of students and their families within the school districts I have served in Illinois. I originally heard Ocean Annie speak because she infused such passion into my son, he brought our entire family to a STEM night. Through the Principal we connected so I could bring Ocean Annie to all the districts I consult and interact with. Annie captivates audiences both during the school day and at evening STEM presentations. She provides staff with the educational resources to continue to inspire children to explore the Ocean, our environment and the world around them even after her presentations. One of the greatest impacts Ocean Annie’s presentations and educator resources have is inspiring reluctant readers to find a love of reading. The educator resources and lessons are engaging and capture students of all ages. I have worked with Ocean Annie for more than five years. When my son turned 10, we learned how to scuba dive together. She is the most unbelievable and patient scuba diving instructor and now runs an entire camp for kids during the summer. She gets them out of the classroom and into the ocean. Ocean Annie combines inspiration with education.

Lori Bobak M.Ed.
Director of Mathematics and Science

Lori Bobak M.Ed., Director of Mathematics and Science

“Working with Annie on the latest programs in the Dive Into Your Imagination series was a privilege as well as great fun. Natural history documentaries are among my favorite to work on and Annie’s genuine passion for the oceans and the various creatures that inhabit them comes through in an easy to understand and entertaining way that is enjoyable for audiences young and old.” - Justin Bergeron


Justin Bergeron edited Sharks & Rays. Bergeron has more than fifteen years experience producing, filming and editing award-winning projects in the film, television and corporate video industries and specializes in HD & digital cinema production. He has managed a wide array of projects for clients including Lucasfilm, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures & Walden Media.

During his career he has filmed projects in over twenty countries, including such challenging locals as Egypt, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa. 

Some of Bergeron’s career highlights include working with acclaimed filmmakers while playing a variety of creative, technical or supervisory roles in projects including, “Star Wars, Episode III”, “Journey to the Center of the Earth, 3-D”, and “The Blue Realm”.

Justin Bergeron, Editor Justin Bergeron

Annie Crawley was born to inspire people. She lives the message she brings to the world, empowering people to use their imagination to live out of their vision of themselves, rather than their history. Annie Crawley is what the world needs now more than ever before.

Les Brown, World's Leading Motivational Speaker

Annie Crawley speaks about the issues that we all need to address, the future of our oceans and why they are essential to the health and well being of our collective societies. Her dynamic personality and passion for her subject combine with her experience as a journalist, dive instructor, and world traveler. Annie can speak to children, parents, and community leaders in educational, corporate or conference settings, tailoring her talks to each audience so that everyone leaves with a deeper understanding of the issues.

Lois Phillips, PhD, Women Seen and Heard Presentations & Media Skills Seminars; Strategy Consultant to Higher Education and Corporations