Monthly Archives: March 2011

With Laughter And Love We Can Change The World

What if I said I loved you? Today I love you. I will always love you. Love is a four-letter word I can use freely, easily. I can meet someone and in an hour say, I love you, and I mean it! Absolutely.  Not in the romantic way many associate with love, yet I appreciate…
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Annie Crawley Launches OceanAnnieTV on YouTube!

YouTube and other video sharing sites have revolutionized media.  It took less than five years for YouTube to have more than one billion viewers!  Yes, you read that correctly.  People use it many different ways from broadcasting themselves to following their favorite bands to just finding videos that make them laugh.  On the business side,…
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Explaining Japan’s Tsunami to Children

I recently read the article below and believe so strongly in it's message, I asked for permission to reprint it.  During the past week I have been in awe of the tragedy of what has happened in Japan and all around the world.  When facing devastation, I find it very comforting to help as it…
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