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Award winning producer, underwater photographer, author, and motivational speaker, Annie Crawley, inspires. She founded Dive Into Your Imagination creating a series of Books, eBooks, DVDs, lesson plans, prints, posters, cartoon characters and more products to entertain, educate, and awe you about life within our ocean. Empowering audiences, delivering powerful programs tailored to corporate, group, school, or individual needs. Annie Crawley is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Traveling as a scuba diving instructor around the world with a camera in hand, she shares the ocean with you. Take a deep dive and explore.

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Our Ocean & YOU! Campaign

Dive in with empowering environmental speaker Annie Crawley and her team as they launch 100 schools 100 days: Our Ocean & You to bring the ocean to the greater Seattle area and inspire kids/teachers/families to understand the interconnections we have with the ocean while sharing with them the problems facing our ocean, particularly as it relates to plastics, and what they can do about it. The program’s mission is to change the way the next generation views their relationship with the ocean and give them tools to protect the environment. Annie shares amazing underwater images and stories about myths and monsters that lurk beneath the surface. She reveals that we, not beautiful sea creatures, are the real monsters, putting 8 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean every year. When we reach children, we change history. If you would like to bring this campaign to your school, or are interested in sponsoring or donating, please email or call 805-453-1947. Our most important goal is to raise awareness and encourage  people to be the voice for our ocean.

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