Visions of the Sea DVD Product Information

Visions of the Sea DVD Product Information

Visions of the Sea DVD by Annie CrawleyCreated by Annie Crawley, this award winning DVD allows you to experience the most amazing life on our planet.  Choose to listen to an award winning sound track or inspirational stories of Annie’s experiences around the world.
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Filmmaker Annie Crawley and Composer Craig Dobbin combine forces to bring you spectacular underwater images paired with music compositions leaving you in awe of the amazing ocean life on our planet. Visions of the Sea takes you on a journey around the world. Visit pristine reefs in Papua New Guinea, Komodo Dragons, Mating Dolphins of the Caribbean Sea, Whale Sharks and Giant Kelp Forests. You will witness rarely seen behaviors such as frogfish mating, octopi battling, and the mating dance of the albatross.

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“I just finished watching your masterpiece, VISIONS OF THE SEA. I really enjoyed the superb quality of the video and the selections of sites. Your narrative and comments exude the enthusiasm you have for diving.” –Daniel Camara, New York

“I purchased your DVD at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. WOW, what amazing footage from around the world. I had no idea what was below the surface, thank you!” – Lauren Harper

“What a great way to get excited about swimming. Everyone I share your DVD with wants to learn to learn to swim and SCUBA dive! Now I just turn off the narration so I can listen to the music and watch your exquisite footage over and over again.” Chris Chandler

Visions of the Sea features animals and stories from around the world.  You can choose to play the DVD with a Director’s Narrative “on” with Annie’s stories on animals from her travels, or turn the narration “off” and enjoy the eye candy and original compositions by award winning composer Craig Dobbin.  Annie Crawley began her career as a photojournalist. Once she discovered the underwater realm, Annie dedicated her life to documenting, entertaining and educating people about life below the sea. On the main menu, turn the Director’s Cut “On” and listen to Annie’s narrative of her experiences around the world. Visit for more great products.

Annie Crawley with Underwater Video System

Annie Crawley with Underwater Video System

Annie Crawley is the CEO and founder of Dive Into Your Imagination, a company dedicated to changing the way a new generation views the Ocean and themselves.  Thanks to Save Our Seas Foundation, Annie Crawley has an award winning series of books, dvds and lesson plans about the Ocean.  She produced Ocean Life A to Z, and the award winning series of DVDS for kids, Dive Into Your Imagination.  For more information on events, speaking engagements contact us today!

Media Contact:  Annie at AnnieCrawley dot com  Annie at DiveIntoYourImagination dot com  805-453-1947

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