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Explore Diversity in the Sea in The Adventures of Ocean Annie Book by Annie Crawley illustrated by J. Salvador RamosExplore Diversity in the Sea Book in The Adventures of Ocean Annie, Makaio, & Fringy the ichthyologist fish! Go on an adventure through kelp forests, with schooling sharks, explore coral reefs and even go night diving with your favorite team!  This is the third book in a new Series created by Annie Crawley and Dive Into Your Imagination, featuring cartoon characters and real Ocean images to educate and entertain children for hours!  Illustrator J. Salvador Ramos makes the characters come alive!  Kids learn while having fun using their imagination!

Ocean Annie, Makaio and Fringy are back from the deep in their yellow submarine, the Imagination Explorer to take you to the deep sea.  Use your imagination and you will go diving with sharks, crabs, lobster, sea stars, frogfish and many other creatures on the reef.  Kids learn about all the variety of life under the sea and how animals rely on one another for survival.  Learn what eating ice cream and brushing your teeth have in common!  Why do crabs have claws?  What can grow three feet in just one day?  This is the third book in the Adventures of Ocean Annie® series. 

Inside Look at Kelp Forests Page 8 and 9 from Diversity in the Sea  Book Adventures of Ocean Annie by Annie CrawleyExplore Diversity in the Sea Book can be used alone or you can combine it with the award winning DVD, Dive Into Diversity in the Dive Into Your Imagination series. This book was made possible with a grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation.  Discover Who Lives in the Sea Book is a 32 page picture book with cartoon characters whom empower kids and teach youth leadership.  Learning is fun and using your imagination is imperative.

There are teacher lesson plans available for Pre K-K and 1st to 3rd Grades to accompany the new Adventures of Ocean Annie books and DVDS.  Please contact us for more information about the lesson plans for Explore Diversity in the Sea Book and Dive Into Diversity DVD!

Following the success of the award-winning bi-lingual DVD series loved by parents, teachers and families across the globe, Dive Into Your Imagination has created a new series of adventure books to accompany What Makes a Fish a Fish?, Who Lives in the Sea, and Dive Into Diversity DVDs and Ocean Life From A to Z book and DVD which sold more than 100,000 copies. This new release, Explore Diversity in the Sea Book in the Adventures of Ocean Annie follows Hide & Seek on the Reef Book and Discover Who Lives in the Sea Book, all three focusing on ocean, environment and self-awareness. Author and Producer Annie Crawley worked with illustrator J. Salvador Ramos to create the cartoon characters in the Adventures of Ocean Annie series.  In order for Annie to inspire J. Salvador Ramos, she taught him how to Scuba Dive even though he was afraid of water.  Annie realizes the Ocean and learning how to breathe underwater can change someone’s life! Annie teaches using the four E’s:  Empowerment, Environment, Education and Entertainment.

Inside Look at Diversity Page 4 and 5 from Diversity in the Sea Book Adventures of Ocean Annie by Annie CrawleyTo make this series unique, Annie Crawley created cartoon characters to guide children through their imaginary journey beneath the sea.  Ocean Annie, a bubbly blonde scuba diver with a passion for adventure, Makaio, a Hawaiian ukulele player and scuba diver, and Fringy the Sarcastic Fringehead ichthyologist fish, travel into the ocean in their yellow submarine, the Imagination Explorer.  While encountering other underwater characters such as sharks, sea turtles, sea stars and cuttlefish, these entertaining characters travel in a yellow submarine with readers to explore coral reefs, kelp forests, and even the deep sea at night!

Kids will explore, dream, and discover as they learn about marine biology, scientific inquiry, geography, and conservation while incorporating principles in character, team-work, communication, and diversity.  Real ocean photos from Annie’s ocean scuba dives around the world in Galapagos, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Caribbean Sea and California fill these pages!  Help get these books into every school and library across the nation!  Each book corresponds with one of the DVDs. Discover Who Lives in the Sea Book follows the themes set up by Explore Diversity in the Sea compliments Dive Into Diversity DVD.

Ocean Annie, aka Ocean Annie with Magnifying Glass.  She wrote,  filmmed and produced the new Dive Into Your Imagination books and dvds.

Ocean Annie Loved by Kids Everywhere!

“Our environment is a reflection of who we are as a society!  We created these books and dvds to change the way a new generation views the ocean and themselves.  We need children growing up loving and respecting nature.  It starts from within.  I think this is my favorite book in the series!” Annie Crawley is the CEO and founder of Dive Into Your Imagination.  Dive Into Your Imagination is a production company dedicated to change the way a new generation views the ocean and themselves.  Dive Into Your Imagination creates entertaining media to share the real ocean with the world.

Annie Crawley is an award-winning producer, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and inspirational speaker who traveled around the world documenting the underwater world.  She created Ocean Life from A to Z, published by Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing.  It has sold nearly 100,000 copies.  For more information on events, speaking engagements, distribution or to learn more about The Adventures of Ocean Annie or Dive Into Your Imagination series, contact us today!

Call:  805-453-1947 or Annie at AnnieCrawley dot com or Annie at DiveIntoYourImagination dot com

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