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Annie Crawley's Scuba Divng CampAnnie Crawley's Scuba Diving Camp opened the doors during the summer of 2013. After a mere 15 months and more than 50 certifications, I have an abundance of inspiration and passion teaching kids how to scuba dive. It is exciting to share the underwater world with kids and their families. Scuba diving not only gives you the gift of underwater exploration, it builds confidence, leadership, and environmental stewardship.

During the past few weeks many parents have been asking me about my program. I have been a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer for more than 20 years. Annie Crawley's Scuba Diving Camp is registered as a PADI retail dive operation and we follow PADI standards plus I build in my 20 plus years of experience and have developed a five star program leading to success for kids of all ages. To learn to scuba dive, there are a number of steps that every single person has to go through, no matter what their age. You must complete the PADI Open Water Diver Manual, Videos, Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes and Pool Sessions. With my training, the kids have to do just as much as the adults and I go slow to ensure they really comprehend all of the materials. I try to partner kids together for classroom and pool sessions with other kids their own age because that is part of the fun. We have smaller classroom and pool sessions, averaging 4 students a session. Teens are together with teens and my 10-12 year olds are together with other kids their age or sometimes parents learn together with their kids in the pool and classroom environment. We use the Underwater Sports Seattle heated pool for all of our pool training. The folks at Underwater Sports support our program because of the special way I train kids.

Kids learn dry suit diving at Annie Crawley's Scuba Diving CampAt Annie Crawley's Scuba Diving Camp, all equipment is provided. I have top of the line Atomic Regulators with swivels on the second stages, Zeagle Ranger BCDs, Atomic Computers, and USIA Dry Suits. A Dry Suit differs from a wet suit because it keeps you warmer in the water. When kids learn to dive with me, they also complete the PADI Dry Suit Diver course. We do an extra classroom and pool session before going scuba diving in the ocean with dry suits.

I believe the biggest difference with my training program and any other is that when we go to the ocean with the kids, I offer one to one training and have no pressure on whether we do one training dive in a day, two or three. Kids are one another's buddies on land. They help one another with their equipment, plan dives together and enjoy the sport together. Annie Crawley's Scuba Diving CampOnce kids are certified, they then get to experience diving together with other kids. Every student is different and I want kids to love the ocean and scuba diving because they understand every aspect of it. My students have my ultimate attention on every single open water dive. I strive to teach my students how to master their dry suits and truly understand neutral buoyancy. We utilize the Beach Camp at Sunset Bay's dock and are able to do all of our training dives on our house reef. It is protected and can be dived at any tide.

If you are interested in learning to scuba dive or have a child in your life you want to give the gift of the ocean too, please contact me directly on my cell at 805-453-1947, by email or through the contact form on this page. I meet with parents (or grandparents) and their children together. We go over the equipment, dive manuals, and necessary paperwork. All of the children commit to a learning schedule and we then set the date for our first classroom and pool session! I teach year round and during the summer months, we have special sessions of Annie Crawley's Scuba Diving Camp from July through August. There are limited numbers I take during the summer and these spaces fill up fast. If you are interested in our summer sessions, the sooner you contact me the better.

I hope the above information helps. Scuba diving completely changed the course of my life. When I teach kids how to scuba dive, I get to give this incredible gift to them yet receive so much more in return. Since we opened the doors of Annie Crawley's Scuba Diving Camp, my life has changed once again. I need to go plan my day of diving now, I have some kids coming to the dock to learn underwater photography with me!

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