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Orca Whales in Puget Sound

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Award winning producer, underwater photographer, author, and motivational speaker, Annie Crawley, inspires. She founded Dive Into Your Imagination creating a series of Books, eBooks, DVDs, lesson plans, prints, posters, cartoon characters and more products to entertain, educate, and awe you about life within our ocean. Empowering audiences, delivering powerful programs tailored to corporate, group, school, or individual needs. Annie Crawley is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Traveling as a scuba diving instructor around the world with a camera in hand, she shares the ocean with you. Take a deep dive and explore. During the summer, she runs Beach Camp at Sunset Bay, the best water sports adventure camp in the world and a Scuba Diving Camp for kids and families.

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Ocean Annie

As an underwater photographer and filmmaker, I started speaking to schools, groups and organizations. Nicknamed Ocean Annie by students, they guessed I lived in the sea. We developed a series of cartoon characters who travel together exploring the sea combining real with our imagination. The Adventures of Ocean Annie, Makaio, Fringy the Ichthyologist Fish teaches leadership, character, science, environment, and more. Through my speaking engagements to a wide variety of audiences, I share personal stories turning obstacles into opportunities. I'm known for delivering motivational  programs, in-depth seminars, workshops, and teach a range of underwater photography and video seminars for all levels. I started Scuba Diving Camp in the Puget Sound for kids, families, and premiere dive experiences and run a variety of trips around the world.

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